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AESIS ALIEN - Rijeka , Croatia

Etnical Project

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AESIS ALIEN (POLENA REC) is a Psy-Trance project founded by Sasha Cardinali. He born in 1977 and he moved his first steps in the psychedelic scene in 2001, with some performances in some big parties and organizing events in Marche Montain in collaboration with Goaspirit until 2004. He played in two edition of Street Rave , at Star Fuckers festival and Livello 57 both in Bologna and at Sun Explotion. In 2005 He travelled in Goa ...(India) and He played at Nine bar and others psychedelic beach bar. Follow In 2006 another journey this time in Brazil where He played for three times at Akatù Parties in Arraial d’Ajuda. Sasha is between the founders of Polena Records, he works actively at this project giving an essential contribution; in fact he collaborates to the creation of events and productions from 2004. In 2008 Sasha produced and mixed with Michele Fiori the album “Goa Gate Vol 1” for E-Beiz Project. Follow another EP in 2009 called “Around Goa”. In 2009 he starts to play with performance live in different parties and clubs in middle Italy. The debut of Aesis Alien discography is with the EP called “Wisdom Gate” where he put all his background to make Psy Trance music..










Dj DALTON Member of TRANCE TELEPORT RI-ZG n COSMIC TRIBE...Nenad Djordjevic alias DaLtOn was born in Krusevac, where he finished primary school. In Zagreb (the capital of Croatia) along with his twin brother Dejan, he finished high school, and heard first rave sounds which he brought back to Krusevac. As djs they made first rave party in Krusevac, which was one of the first in ex-yu, on the 27th of March 1994. Known as d.j. DaLtOn's 1 & 2 they started to play goa trance, and worked with famous names like 29.8.2008.with Astral Projection in KS (Serbia), 03.10.2008. with California Sunshine in Zagreb (Croatia), MFG in Zagreb /Croatia/20.06.09, Egorithmia, Paramatma, POWER SOURCE in Zagreb/Croatia/ 12.09.09, Mafia Dance festival preparty @ Ljubljana, Slovenia with Tristan 21.05.2010...... For two years they worked as d.j.s in Greece! Worked in Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia...In Bulgaria @ YOUTH festival...Special thanks 2 my bro DEJAN /DEJA DALTON/ /R.I.P/, my friend DJ Costas, RED CAFE,(Katerini, Greece) ... special thnx:TECHNOGNOSIA TEAM (Greece), DJ TONY (Greece), Cosmic tribe (Serbia), I.C.F.S (Macedonia), Nesto novo (Rijeka, Croatia),...etc n ma bro KOORIE /ZG/ TRANCE TELEPORT n Psycordia project dj's Rijek






Virtual Lamia - Hy world. My name is Dario a.k.a. Virtual Lamia. I'm born in Rijeka, and here's a lack of places and scenes for some kinds of music types that me and my crew listen to but are popular in the outer world (aka the other countries, states, provinces etc. xDD) so we decided to make the scene and we hope to be successfull.

In my free time I'm always out there with my dear friends, sometimes just playing my guitar and producing Ambient/Chillout or Dubstep/DnB music. The basic idea of MySpace & Facebook profile is to have and to connect to all my friends and people who is producing, mixing, playing and understanding PSY&Goa Trance and other eletronic music. I hope that we all stay in touch and make people dance and feel our vibe! I'd like to thank all my dear friends for supporting me in any way in my life, incl DJ Dalton, DJ Koorie, DJ Nard, Diskordia Club & Caffe Bar GAME (Kostrena), for letting us play and bring our rare style of music to Rijeka and Croatia.

My Music life starts with Grunge bands like Nirvana, Alice in Chains & Pearl Jam. It was the time of long depression in my life. But from time to time I started to listen Metal, SKA, Reggae, Alternative Rock & Punk Rock genres and become more strict to that music. After long time and lots of bad experiences in my life I decided to have few more genres in my life like Classic Trance & House. But how I met more and more people lots of them introduced me into the new style of Electronic music. So in 2004. I started to listen to Old School Goa and Full on Psychedelic trance. From 2004 up to now I'm very dedicated to that music and I like to support it in every possible way and I hope people from Croatia will understand it and like that music in matter of time. In this hard times I'm trying to collect some money for my first mix set and I'm starting to work hard and professionally into old school goa trance mixing...peace and love for You all!







Dj NARD - As a teenager he was involved in electronic music, precisely in the beginning of 90's when electronic music era had it's expansion. Since than he is following electronic scene in several ways. When he met his friend Dean aka Cyborgix4E75 one of the pioneers of electronic music scene in Croatia. Dean and Bernard in that period started their own progressive sound project playing on several parties including in that period famous club "What" in Opatija.

Today, Nard DJ is involved in project "Psycordia" together with DJ Radical Fusion aka Davor who is founder of the project. The "Psycordia" project main target is promoting Psy-Trance scene in Rijeka as well as Croatia.

DJ Radical Fusion and DJ Nard have played at several Psy Trance events together with DJ Dalton, Koorie Live performer.







Etnical Project (POLENA REC) - Koorie Igor Djurek a.k.a. Etnical Project, Zagreb, Croatia started with music as a lover of progressive rock. During that time his role models were Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, Peter Gabriel, Deep Forest, J.J. Calle, and ect. Around year 2000. he is becoming interested in ethno sound, most of all in Didgeridoo and aboriginal style. During that period of time he is starting life performance with already recognized trance D.J.-s and producers. Love towards that instrument and sound still remains till this day. In year 2003. he is starting with his own production and performs as artist named Koorie which is followed by numerous performances in corporation with already known artist Nenad Djordjevic a.k.a. D.J. Dalton ( Serb). Together, two of them are performing with some of the greatest names in trance music such as Astral Projection, MFG, Power Source, Egorythmia, and ect. At the same time he is establishing organization by name Trance Teleport, he runs trance radio show and dedicates himself to music completely. At this point he is started a project named Spiritual Virtuose & Etnical Project which includes psy, goa, fullon, ambiental, and very soon we are expecting his first album.

















ulaz : 30 kn


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more info & detail soon:)))




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