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Déjà Vu XIV ~ Tantrum, Launchpad, WitchidiGrub, F.S.P, Terrafractyl & more!


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Déjà Vu Events proudly presents Exogenesis II...


Please try to stay calm and get ready for launch... our next cosmic trip on star-ship Déjà Vu will send you into hyper-space with a great big smile on ya face!~)


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10pm - late

Friday, 3rd September


The Mercat (up-stairs)

456 Queen St (opposite Queen Vic Market), City


Ishtar Funktion One sound system!


Psychedelic decor by Larva of the Butterflies!

Tripped-out visuals and full-colour laser show by Psycurbadelic!





Tantrum (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) E.P. launch live + DJ set!


Launchpad (UP Records / Byron Bay)


WitchidiGrub (Launchpad side-project / UP Records / Byron Bay) live!


Free Standing Pickles (Launchpad, Terrafractyl & Positive Thought / UP Records) full trio Melbourne debut live!




Terrafractyl (Sundance Records) live!


Positive Thought (UP Records) live!


Yeti (Positive Thought side-project / UP Records) live!


Hypnagog (Terrafractyl side-project / UP Records) live!


Algernon (Positive Thought side-project / Open Records) live!


Player One (Dooflex Records / Cairns


Endure (Player One side-project)


Juiced (Psy-Evolutions)




Dekdrum (A.K.A. Bongo Boy / David Kirsner) ~ Professional percussionist


Rich Stix ~ Dancer and professional Flowerstix spinner


& more to be announced;~)



TICKETS (All prices include GST & Booking Fee):


~ A small number of $10 Early-Bird Discount tickets are now available online from DejaVu.EventBee.com for a limited time only.


~ A limited number of $15 Pre-Sale tickets will soon be available on-line from DejaVu.EventBee.com.


~ $20 Pre-Sale tickets will soon be available from these shops:


* Alley Tunes, 660 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthawn. (03) 9819 9449

* Ministry of Style, 348 - 350 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. (03) 9419 4952

* Inacoma, 149 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood. (03) 9879 4944


~ $25 before 11pm, or after 11pm with current student ID, Pay-On-Entry Discount tickets soon to be available from shops and Déjà Vu crew, or by sending names to dejavuguest@gmail.com.


~ General Admission tickets can be purchased for more on the door after 11pm...





Answer the following question for a chance to win one of five double passes ...


Q: What is the name of your favourite collaborative track by Tantrum and Dark Nebula?


You can find a list of their joint-releases with streaming audio samples for each track at SaikoSounds.com.


To enter the draw, please post your answer in this thread before 6pm on Wednesday 18th August!





~ Tantrum (Digital Psionics / Byron Bay) E.P. launch live + DJ set! ~


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Tantrum is DJ/producer Alex Richardson from Byron Bay, a new psionic star playing massive sets around Australia…


Alex first discovered his passion for electronic music, and psytrance in particular in 2000 after being introduced to outdoor doof parties in the hills surrounding Byron. After a few years of attending these parties Alex’s interest in party production and DJing started to take hold.


In the summer of 2002 along with several friends he created Loony Tunez Productions & began holding parties across Northern NSW and Southern Queensland, hosting some of Australia’s and the world’s finest producers and DJs. It was at these parties that Tantrum began to DJ more and more, feeding his passion to continue his journey into the doof world. As time progressed he gained more experience behind the decks, and he now DJs at parties and festivals around Australia, including Earthdance, Royal Doof, Earth Freq, Quantum Relic, Secret Sessions and many more.


Alex is currently label DJ for both Digital Psionics (Byron Bay) and Nexus Media (South Africa), and is known for his powerful, twisted DJ sets focusing on twilight and darker psy trance, his journeys seeing him play along side leading psy artists such as Digital Talk, Electrypnose, Shift, Artifakt, Twisted System, Xatrik, Phyx, Pitch Hikers, Slug, Hydraglyph, Painkiller, Dark Nebula, Psywalker, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Psyboriginal, Chromatone, Tsabeat, Hefty Output, Nexus Crawler and countless others!


2008 saw the release of his first production "Psibreed" written in collaboration with Dark Nebula and released on Dark Nebula and Psywalker’s hallowed Byron Bay-based Digital Psionics psytrance label, followed by several tracks on the same label in 2009 including a collaboration with Czech label-mate Electrypnose.


Tantrum recently compiled and released the Psionic Force (Digital Psionics, 1999) compilation album, which includes the tracks he collaborated on with Electrypnose& Dark Nebula.


Tantrum is about to release a four track E.P. of his own work on Digital Psionics for which this will be the launch party, and which will be available for purchase on the night from our door-staff.


Alex is also currently compiling and mixing the upcoming Digital Psionics compilation album Psionic Tales 3 for release in 2010, so keep your ears out for that later in the year!


Check out his profile on DigitalPsionics.com, his MySpace profile or SaikoSounds.com



~ Launchpad (UP Records / Byron Bay)


WitchidiGrub (Launchpad side-project / UP Records / Byron Bay) live! ~


Posted Image


After first DJing in 1998 with close mates Luna Orbit (A.K.A. Dark Nebula) and Luke Psywalker, Launchpad has played sets at literally hundreds of forest parties! Inspired by totally amazing doofs at the epicentre in Byron Bay and the surrounding forest and beaches!


Launchpad’s morning sets fast became very popular amongst dance-floors, with his track selection and mixing inspiring so many to enjoy those moments, his first sets being played on Mini Disc and D.A.T. before moving to CDs.


Marty has been dedicated to an intelligent morning sound with funky melody-riddled grooves, and is one of the most heard psychedelic DJs around Australia. He has developed a highly sought-after dance-floor experience, filled with quality and joy, always using crystals and incense to enhance the positive shamanic experience he wishes to share.


With a massive and wide variety of genres in his impressive collection of electronic music he is certainly not limited to playing his signature style epic, groovy, full-on morning psy! In the past he has worked with artists like Ganga Giri and Mystic Beats to create beautiful, funky, down-tempo parties which soon become hugely successful.


He has also always collected and played progressive psy, and was the first ever to play a Sensient track through a system at a Northern New South Wales outdoor-party, and played alongside Sun Control Species for his first ever live set!


Launchpad is also one third of Free Standing Pickles alongside Terrafractyl and Positive Thought!



~ Free Standing Pickles (Launchpad, Terrafractyl & Positive Thought / UP Records) full trio Melbourne debut live! ~


Posted Image


A bunch of pickles with no jars.... Déjà Vu proudly presents the Melbourne debut of the full Free Standing Pickles trio! Algernon Renton (A.K.A. Positive Thought/ Yeti / Algernon), Marty (A.K.A. Launchpad / WitchidiGrub) and Felix Greenlees (A.K.A. Terrafractyl / Hypnagog / and half of Mental Extensions with Dave Kastner), who have joined forces to produce truly unique music in the psychedelic spectrum with an extremely original style only these guy’s could create!


Prepare to get positively pickled!~)


Check out their MySpace profile



The tunes Marty makes as WitchidiGrub in his crystal-cave-like studio in the forest are a fusion of deep raw tribal progressive grooves with huge bass-lines, and tones and tweaks that are smeared with a touch of techy frosting.


He developed this is a formula through 10 years of positive psychedelic experiences, refining it into an intelligent, totally enjoyable, fun, deep and interestingly original sound. He has a true passion for psychedelic electronic sounds, and it shines through in his creations… prepare for a great musical journey!


Launchpad is also one third of Free Standing Pickles alongside Terrafractyl and Positive Thought!


Check out his MySpace profile or SaikoSounds.com



~ Terrafractyl (Sundance Records) live!


Hypnagog (Terrafractyl side-project / UP Records) live! ~


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Terrafractyl A.K.A. Felix Greenlees has been playing and writing music for as long as he can remember. Brought up on a diet of Classical, Opera and Jazz, he eventually went on to play Bassoon in several professional orchestras around Australia. He has also played piano for most of his life, and was over the moon when he discovered a genre of music into which he could incorporate all the different types of music he had grown to love. It was called Goa-trance.


He never looked back, and is now one of the most prominent and sought after psytrance performers in Australia, performing at most of our major festivals and parties of all shapes and sizes for several years. He is also one of our hottest exports, most recently Felix played at festivals for Vertigo records in Russia and Ukraine!


His debut album was released on Sundance Records, and he has released tracks on compilations for various labels around the world including Sundance, Vertigo, Adapted, Regen, and Psynuematix Records. He also has upcoming releases on Millennium records, Morning Monsters and UP records.


Lately Felix has been spending time expanding his other projects ~ Mental Extensions, Hypnagog and Free Standing Pickles, but psytrance is wedged firmly in his soul... and, he suspects it may always be! He has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the Mental Extensions debut Album 'Inner Reality' released recently on UP records and launched at the last Déjà Vu, and is also working on the 2nd Terrafractyl album to be released on Vertigo Records!


Previous parties Felix has played at include Dream is Destiny (NSW) 2006, Organik Magik (VIC) 2007, Transcend (TAS), Phonoscope (VIC), Shitz and Gigglez 4 (NNSW), Royal Doof 4 (VIC), Winter Solstice (FNQLD), Get hip to the 3rd Ear trip (VIC), Ostara Festival (VIC), Quantum Relic (QLD), Tribeadelic NYE (VIC) 2008, Maitreya Festival (VIC), Diaspora (VIC), Royal Doof 5 (VIC), Magical Mania (NNSW), Some think Different (WA), Spiral Harmonics (VIC), Oogie Boogies (QLD), Ostara Festival (VIC), Tribeadelic NYE (VIC) 2009, Exodus Festival (NSW), Spiral Harmonics (VIC), UP recs present: Headroom (NSW), Rhythmic Earth (NSW), Diaspora II (VIC), Phat Camp (WA), Bent Perception (NSW), Noise Poison (VIC), Terrafractyl Album Launch (TAS), Royal Doof 6 (VIC), League of Spiritual Discovery (Crimea, Ukraine), Fractal Ocean (Moscow, Russia), Dragon Dreaming Festival (ACT), Psymatic Experiment (NSW) 2010, New Psycle (NSW), Twisted Evolution (NSW), and Rainbow Serpent Festival (VIC)!


Terrafractyl is also one third of Free Standing Pickles alongside Launchpad and Positive Thought!


Check out his MySpace profile or SaikoSounds.com!



Hypnagog is a new experiment of Felix Greenlees' (Terrafractyl, Mental Extensions, Free Standing Pickles). After years of writing psychedelic dance music and experimenting with plenty of other sonic forms, Felix has recently been listening to a lot more down-tempo psychedelic-breaks, IDM and the like, and felt it was time to combine these styles with his own to create a hybrid beat driven, yet melodic sound!




-=- Dreaming in Pieces (EP) -=- UP Records (2009)



-=- Deadly Yellow -=- V/A Peace and Love 2 -=- Vertigo Records (2009)



Some Think Different -=- V/A Some Think Different -=- UP Records (2009)

Compiled by Molecule




Circuit Breaker -=- V/A Holographic Waves -=- Peyotii Records (2010) Compiled by Siensis


Check out his MySpace profile or SaikoSounds.com!



~ Positive Thought (UP Records) live!


Yeti (Positive Thought side-project / UP Records) live!


Algernon (Positive Thought side-project /Open Records) live! ~


Posted Image


Positive Thought is the morning psytrance project of Northern New South Wales local legend Algernon Renton. Algernon grew up in the sub tropical bushland close to the New South Wales and Queensland boarder. Since an early age, he was been exposed to an unhealthy amount of psychedelia, music and dense bushland, which has left him with a unique and extreme tolerance for Aussie Bush Doof culture.


Algernon started writing music in the Electroholics duo in 2004 and has since been involved in many projects, collaborations, and performances around Australia. Algernon has had releases on REGEN, Dooflex, and UP Records and has collaborated with such artists as RAZ, Terrafractyl, Nitro, and Launchpad. His debut Positive Thought Album was released in 2008 on UP Records entitled: This Is Not A Workshop, with countless releases since then!


Positive Thought is also one third of Free Standing Pickles alongside Terrafractyl and Launchpad!


Check out his MySpace profile at or SaikoSounds.com!



Posted Image


Yeti (UP Records) is Positive Thought’s progressive psytrance side-project if it can be called anything, but it is hard to categorise music so unique!


Check out his MySpace profile or SaikoSounds.com!



Recently signed to Open Records, Algernon is Positive Thought’sthird solo side-project, and fits more into the minimal psychedelic tech genre than anything else, but again, the tunes are truly original and speak for themselves!


Algy is a very busy man as you can see, so we thought it best to utilise the full spectrum of his talents to help make Deja Vu XIV a night of wide and varied psychedelic tunage!



~ Player One (Dooflex Records / Cairns)


Endure (Player One side-project) ~


Posted Image


Player One is Dwayne Banham from Cairns. Dwayne's involvement in DJing and organising outdoor events began in 2002 after being inspired by Cairns' notorious underground scene and the greater Australian outdoor festival circuit. Now based in Melbourne, he is focused on his own production as well as DJing. With a widespread reputation for being fully committed to his music, 2006 saw him welcomed into the Israeli based Dooflex Records family as their Australian label DJ.


Over the years Dwayne has performed alongside many local legends, as well as international artists including Freakulizer, E-Jekt, U-Recken, Nitro, Hallucinogen, Entropy, Eduardo, Triptich, Antix, Infected Mushroom, Beat Bizzare and stacks more. Week after week Dwayne delivers quality full-on morning psy/progressive psytrance to Australian dance-floors including an intensely tribal dawn set at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2010, and creating full-on mayhem as mainstay psytrance resident DJ at Déjà Vu Events' rocking parties at Brown Alley (featuring Zen Mechanics and Hyperception) and at the Mercat (firstly featuring Space Tribe and Mr Peculiar, and then last month’s monstrous stomp featuring Dark Nebula, Luke Psywalker and their versus set as double-act UFO!


Being a familiar face at pretty much every major event up and down the east coast has helped to make the Player One sound reach a confident approach to stealthy sound navigation, taking even the most tuned ears on a mystic flight path of perception!



Player One’s side-project Endure is sure to do just that! His phenomenal collection of progressive psy and other genres of psychedelic music is complemented perfectly by the infusion of his own production works in his sets, and has allowed Endure to develop quite a following of its own, aside from the Player One massive’s fervent love of his psy sets!


Enjoy Endure;~)



~ Juiced (Psy-Evolutions) ~


Posted Image


Simon A.K.A Juiced turned to DJing after traveling Europe and the UK. Inspired by the UK club scene and European festivals he made the transition to the other side of the decks. After collecting and spinning a large amount of old school jungle and drum and bass records Juiced turned to psychedelic sounds.


Contributing to outdoor parties with Om-Tribe, Spiral Harmonics, Psy Evolutions, The Gateway, Local Produce and many others, the direction was clear. Currently in production on multiple projects, Juiced's sound is evolving with his experience.


Since being inspired by the likes of Bobby Raver / Punks on Junk, Simon’s sound has shifted into the realm of minimal progressive tech, which the ladies in particular seemingly can’t get enough of at our Déjà Vu gigs! Juiced is our mainstay resident DJ for this emerging style of tunage, so expect a large dose of phunky psychedelic phatness later on in the night!


Check out his MySpace profile.



~ Dekdrum (A.K.A. Bongo Boy / David Kirsner) ~ Professional percussionist ~


Posted Image


With over 7 years experience performing on drums Dekdrum A.K.A. David Kirsner is one of Melbourne’s funkiest percussionists, providing an energetic and interactive experience as he incorporates Latin, African and Psychedelic grooves to help get the party pumping.


David doesn’t skip a beat and his work compliments trance so well that at our last party Dark Nebula asked for his contact details for future collaboration!


Check out his website!



~ Rich Stix ~ Dancer and professional Flowerstix spinner ~


Posted Image


Rich Stix, founder of Hypno-Tech Arts has been working as a dancer and Flowerstix spinner for the last ten years, performing fire and glow for night clubs, festivals and many other events around the world.


With a unique style of play and dance Rich mesmerises audiences with fluid performances to many styles of music, constantly refining his art and learning new tricks. He never fails to entertain, putting on an interesting and unique show!


Check out his FaceBook page!







You can RSVP via the FaceBook listing for this party to be kept up to date as plans unfold, and please join our official FaceBook group or follow us on Twitter if you want updates about all our events, ticket specials, party pics, etc...


You can also befriend us on FaceBook, or on MySpace, and if you like what we do at Déjà Vu, please become a fan on our official FaceBook page!


Poster designed by The Chojin



We hope to see you there!~)


Déjà Vu Crew

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