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Friday July 9th – Shanghai - China - Magic Garden Concept 9 Year Anniversary @ 1933


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Friday July 9th – Magic Garden Concept 9 Year Anniversary @ 1933



If you read one post on music in Shanghai this month, make it this one. Many a resident of our fair city has lamented the lack of decent electronic music parties recently, ones that look past the hype and focus on the experience for the party-goers; ie you!


Friday July 9th 2010, some of Shanghai’s most established electronic music purveyors, together with Baystar Model Management and udancecn.com, will celebrate 9 Years of bringing the Hi-Tech Trance lifestyle the masses; 9 Years filled with 54 parties, thousands of smiles, more beats than you shake a vinyl at and enough positive vibes to see you through a week.


For this special celebration, we are very proud to announce the venue; an amazing labyrinth of concrete stairwells and three story high ceilings will provide the perfect setting for a mind-blowing night…and for those worried about the filth, the spiral kick ass sound system has been rigged and cranked to 11 till the early hours to confirm the venue being party-pooper-proof!


Proper fluodelic decorations will transform the venue into UV catacombs of sound and vision. DJ’s on the night are Solaris (Fra), Kodama (Bel), Yuta (Jpn) and special guest Santosha Bliss from Russia, who will supply a most luscious journey through Hi-Tech Trance to build up the night from progressive to full on. Providing otherworldly visuals is SH wunderkind Mark Stone as VJ for the night. It all kicks off at 22:00, and will last till everyone’s gone home. ;)


And of course the best part of it all, is that..it..is…FREE Entrance!!!


We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to celebrate this remarkable event in an astounding venue, so come one, come all, and remember what a proper party looks, sounds and feels like!


1933: 611 Li Yang Lu, near Sha Jing Lu

(Adjacent to the Kowloon Hotel -- taxis know it as Jiulong Binguan)

沙径路29号, 近海宁路 (在九龙宾馆旁边)


For more info go to the Magic Garden Concept group on Facebook, or contact@magicgardenconcept



如果你這個月想要看一篇有關上海音樂的報導,那務必別錯過這篇報導。我門這座魅力之城裡的上海客最近常常哀怨上海缺少很棒的電音派對,著眼於之前有過刺激的派對經驗的派對常客們,例如說:你! 2010年7月9號禮拜五,上海最厲害的電子音樂承辦人攜手Baystar Model Management加上udancecn.com將聯名帶領著psytrance生活主義的一大群人; 歷經9年終承辦了54場派對,和幾千個微笑,在這個禮拜將有更多的節奏要震撼你的神經和滿足你絕對的共鳴。

对于这场特别的活动,我们非常荣欣的宣布,三层楼高绚丽天花板的迷宫结构将会带给现场来宾们一个令人兴奋的夜晚,完美的环境和环绕效果的完美音响效果将会震撼全场,绚丽的装饰将场地变成了一个玄色光芒的地下墓穴,现场DJ: Solaris (法国), Kodama (比利时), Yuta (日本) 和 特别来宾来自俄罗斯的Santosha Bliss将通过高科技将现场从一个迷人的旅程逐步贯穿全场。另外上海杰出青年VJ Mark Stone将会主持全场,活動在晚上10點開始,派對到大家都回家了為止。





地址: 上海溧阳路611号,靠沙径路29号, 近海宁路 (在九龙宾馆旁边)

欲知更多魔法公園詳情請上Facebook, Magic Garden Concept群組或郵件至contact@magicgardenconcept。


18/26 August 2010 – Boom Festival 2010 - Idanha A Nova Lake – Portugal

Euro 95 Pre-sales Tickets for Boom Festival 2010 available for China residents at: solaris@magicgardenconcept.com

The Boom Festival is a biennial festival which takes place in Portugal. The festival features music, paint, sculpture, video art, installations and cinema.

The 8th edition of Boom Festival is in a new location. It is held in the lake of Idanha-a-Nova but in a new venue full of shade, which is flatter and greener.

Boom tickets are limited to 26000 people. Our main goal is to keep maximum comfort and avoid mainstreaming.

More info: http://www.boomfestival.org

Experience something unique… Boom!


Magic Garden Concept Online Radio Show on www.udancecn.com:

Ü 2 hours about Hi-Tech Trance Music, Artists, Labels, New Albums & Party info!

Every week (Shanghai Time):

First-Run: Sunday 05:00 PM - 07:00 PM

Second-Run: Tuesday 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM

Third-Run: Thursday 08:00 PM - 10:00 PM

\ Ambient – Chill Out – Progressive – Clubby – Full On – Dark Psy \



Promoter & Dj – 活动策划 & Dj

Magic Garden Concept - Hi-Tech Trance in the PRC

– 魔法公园电子音乐Hi-Tech Trance在中国

Email: solaris@magicgardenconcept.com

Webpage: www.soundcloud.com/djsolaris

MySpace: www.myspace.com/solarischina


Magic Garden Concept - 魔法花园电子音乐:

Website: www.magicgardenconcept.com

MySpace: www.myspace.cn/magicgardenchina

Webpage: www.soundcloud.com/magicgardenconcept

Facebook: Magic Garden Concept


Big Thanks to 特别鸣谢:






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