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Avalon - Distant Futures ~ Nano Records ~ OUT NOW

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Avalon - Distant Futures ~ Nano Records


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Release date: 26 March 2010


"Distant Futures” is the debut album from ‘Avalon’, the exciting new solo project from Leon Kane (ex-member of Reality Grid on Wildthings Records). Having played in over 20 countries at some of the biggest festivals worldwide like Tribe, Glade, Universo Paralello and Burning man, the Avalon name has gained a huge reputation for dance-floor satisfaction, not to mention experience from some of the best events around. His unique style is captured right from track one and takes you on a rip-roaring, mind-melting journey. The Avalon sound is full on with expertly implied melodies, driving basslines, hard hitting percussion and evocative sound-design, all resulting in a top-class album, sure to be marked as a 'classic' Trance album for the rest of time. Not only has Avalon put down some massive solo tunes that are sure fire winners for 'Distant Futures', but he has also got the nod from some of the UK's most influential producers such as Tristan, Dickster and Cosmosis who have in turn collaborated with him on tracks for this amazing debut album. Added to all this is some supreme mastering by Ido Ophir aka Domestic, ensuring a quality release of the highest order.





1. Play It Bahia


2. Into the New World


3. Teleporter


4. Destiny Awaits


5. Funky Voodoo


6. Out There


7. Another Planet


8. Swamp Funk


9. Distant Futures


10. Opus Pokus





Play It Bahia


Swelling synth sweeps move in like a warm front atop churning waves of rolling bassbeats. Arpeggiated acid riffs squish your eardrums with doughy saturation. The introductions of layers of rhythmic hi hats, background pops and belches, and miscellaneous bits of sonic candy build the sound into an energetic dancefloor thumper.


Into The New World


The beginnings of this work is hallmarked by distinctive synth string plucking, hooking you into what becomes a highly evolved mood by this track's end. The sound bites contrast against each other well, adding foreground and background It's all cemented together by full, meaty basslines which keep the flow going like a tide undertow.




A prominent kick and bass combo ushers in an array of snares and highs to cover it. Sweeps and stabs are carefully, deliberately placed to provide subtle buildup. It isn't long before screaming leads and pitchy oscillations take center stage. Multiple climax moments offer up stellar, non linear progression of tension and release.


Destiny Awaits


This track is a touch more chilling than its predecessors. The chords have a slightly hair-raising sinister quality around their edges which provide a nighttime stomp factor at the outset. Funky arrangements of panoramic rhythmic lead vibrations ping pong your body around, with bouncy bits and bites providing the pogo stick for you to get vertical on.


Funky Voodoo


Alien sci-fi atmospheres provide the backdrop for incoming arrays of sound frequency. The bassline is quite distinctive from its trackmates, and there is a telltale retro feel to many of the lead layers. The percussion is excellent and ranges from the rhythm defining to the background coloring. Plenty of breaks and beat punches keep the energy fresh throughout.


Out There


This work's beginnings are sloppily squishy and delightfully organic. Well filtered snares and clever beat manipulation contrast dynamically for rich, thick lead synths to stretch the tension like a rubber band. Reverbed background saws fill out the sharp, jagged leads which take the fore. From start to finish, "Out There" is a buildup into foot-wiggling frenzy.


Another Planet


An awesome arrangement of synth rhythm goodness takes you straight into the outer nebulae. Bumpy bass riffs nudge you ever to the directions of ascension, with phased and flanges middle frequencies filling the sunyatic sonic spaciousness. A midway climax progresses into explosion, allowing for old school flavours to be rearranged anew.


Swamp Funk


The low notes take a definite full on, in-your-face stance in this full moon masterwork. Spiced with droning atmospheres, feral oscillator wiggles and sixteenth note stabs riding down the middle, "Funk" lives up to its name. This one is fit to be an outdoorsy groover rich in rhythm, drive, and sonic plot.


Distant Futures


A diesel-powered, uptempo beat stitches together roaring, dissonant waveforms using the thread of masterful, real feeling percussion sections. The breakdowns couldn't be placed better, and the voice engineering is fantastic and goosebump inspiring. Fitting in mood and texture to its predecessor, every melody and riff summons up paranormal trance dance energy.


Opus Pokus


Avalon spares no expense in his finale track. Ending with a bang of energy,"Opus" works from scratch to bake a psychedelic cake containing every taste of the rainbow. At once aggressive and progressive, this track's unrelenting bassbeat section and unearthly strings and leads section transport your psyche to alien dimensions, working out your body until its last moments.


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