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Psychedelic Quest - "Alternate Constellations" [Goa Trance Album]

Psychedelic Quest

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Kalhspera, mexri to telos tou mhna, anamenetai na bgei apo to diadiktiako label ''Underground Alien Factory Records'' h prwth mou kainourgia kai oloklhrwmenh douleia se ''Old School Goa Trance'' style.


Good evening! Till the end of the month i will release my first LP called: ''Alternate Constellations'' The album will be released fron ''Underground Alien Factory net label''


Parathetw ena link gia na parete mia idea apo to periexomeno tou album


Here is a download link to have a taste of the album




To album tha einai se fash Old School Goa Trance,atmosfairiko,kai synama melodiko,gia osous goustaroun kai agapoun akoma auto to eidos!


The Album is in an Old School Goa Trance style, with beautiful Psychedelic atmosphere and within very melodic,For those who still like,and love this kind of music!


You can also visit myspace page @ http://www.myspace.com/psychedelicquest


Enjoy :)

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Thank you for your nice words man,and your support!,keep it high! ;)

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  • Psychedelic Quest changed the title to Psychedelic Quest - "Alternate Constellations" [Goa Trance Album]

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