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Philter - Beyond The Perimeter - Spin Twist Rec.

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Philter - Beyond The Perimeter


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01. Philter - 28 Days

02. N.O.K. - In Heaven With You - Philter Mix *

03. Lightsphere, P.G.M. and Philter - 3000 Miles - Arsch Wackel Mix **

04. Philter - Water Sensation - Magic of the Sun Mix

05. Philter - Werkmal

06. Philter - Rise - Riddim Mix

07. Philter - When I Fall in Love

08. Philter - Electric Eyes

09. Progenerator - Needfull Things ***

10. Philter feat. Richard Köler - Know Your Root ****





All track marke with a * are collaborations:


*....Original from Alexander Dorkian - Remix by Philter

**...Written by: Waldek Biskup (Dj Dharma), Andy Böckmann and Philter

***..Written by: Björn Salewski (Dub Monster - DJ Subster),

......Daniel Haas (Hasus) and Philter

****.Written by: Richard Köler (Saxophone) and Philter.




Progressive Trance that truly deserves this description 'lovers'!

In its very original meaning, the term Progressive describes a

persistent evolution, a steady process of experimentation and

therefore it re-defines itself again and again from one moment

to the other. This is also exactly the musical approach of Philter.

Growing up in a musician family, experiencing directly the London

Acid House movement in the late eighties and finally making first

experiences with sequencer software already in 1990, mark just a

few stations of Simon Phillip Spies' very intense musical background.


For his second album he withdrew to his studio for one year and

reflected all the experiences he had at parties and gigs during

the last years as well as in his personal environment.


The result became remarkable varied: Reaching from strong, rolling

bass lines, hovering sound layers and deep, dreamy atmospheres to

some decent experiments with vocals and rather experimental beat

structures, this album represents sophisticated lovers!



Philter at Myspace


Philter - Homepage

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