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Va - Moon Station (Moon Station Recs) Out Now!

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VA ~ Moon Station :: Moon Station Records


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Release Date: Coming Soon !!!


Dj Iris collected crystals of dark psychedelic trance and made first Moon Station compilation from it. Loaded with music for deep states, it was made to expand the consciousness and experience the inner side of psychedelic reality. Each of these ten tracks have been selected for their composition of light and dark musical energy in that the finished product offers the listener a glimpse into the broader psychedelic realities both within and without. This compilation's authors hail from all over the world and each one contributes a unique style of music, CD is delivered with cyber psychedelic cover art from

Ihtianderson and quality mastering from Manifold studios. Moon Station Records former sister label to Sun Station seeks to operate between, and break down, the perceived notions of the music in order to achieve balance and harmony. Their first release, "Moon Station", achieves this idiom superbly.




1. Spaceshaman - Katedra

2. Overdream - Throughout The Time

3. Ocelot - Levitation

4. Kraft - Far From Earth

5. Nyama - Waves

6. Medea - Hellbound

7. Aku Aku - HoHo

8. Red - Mentality

9. Phobos & Deimos - Moon & Sun

10. Glooex - AnyWay





Spaceshaman - Katedra

This intro track to the compilation offers a superb beginning, which builds into a roiling bass and percussion segment augmented by reverbed sweeps and stabs. The hats and snares work in tandem to accelerate the mood before all is brought into crystal clear focus. Abrasive acid synths and noise-laden leads wring your synapses out like a wet towel.


Overdream - Throughout The Time

Jumping straight into meaty, thumping bass foundations, "Time" serves up excellent arrays of stereoscopic effects and jangly, dimension-distorted percussions. High-frequency leads augment the rolling, bubbling lower riffs nicely, and layer upon layer builds up to an impressive wash of psychedelic arrangements which will roll you up within their immersiveness.


Ocelot - Levitation

World trance virtuoso Ocelot brings us a full moon thumper with grooves sent from outer space. Clear equalization ensures the sounds jump out at you from your speakers, and sweeps, pads, and leads are all in their proper place on the temporal stage. The sounds seem to unwind and restitch themselves for just the right amount of rearrangement freshness. This tracks makes a dancefloor move in a new sonic wave.


Kraft - Far From Earth

This twisted tune features a pumping baseline and synth sweeps which seem to swoop down on you from above. Brilliant use of pitch ramps in both vertical directions serve well to amp up the energy and offer up steep downhill slopes. Digital elasticity tickles your neural pathways. Change is the name of this track's game, with build-ups and breakdowns galore for your feet to feast upon.


Nyama - Waves

"Waves" displays its author's composition skills amazingly. From the bass to the high hats, all sounds are perfectly placed in synchronistic pulse energy synthesis. Key-changing baselines lead the way for the upper layers to follow suit, providing perfect energy alterations which can really get the dancers grinding away. This is a solid track created for maximum high-decibel enjoyment.


Medea - Hellbound

This track from Medea is built from the ground up with dissonant immersiveness in mind. Curtains of eerily pitch-bent pads approach from the musical flanks while resonant-saturated acid leads and effects worm their way into your inner ear. Subtle use of triplet timings and vocoded formant waves give "Hellbound" a patchwork cybernetic fusion feel of organic and mechanical lineages.


Aku Aku - HoHo

Chanting and panoramic bass beats usher in a smoky ritual of distorted bass action accompanied by creaking doors, disconnected horns and crisp high hats which paint a vivid and highly danceable atmosphere. No sound remains the same for longer than a few seconds. Nomadic filterings and subtle bass changes keep your feet going even as your mind drifts towards starscapes beyond.


Red - Mentality

An in-your-face masterwork from the start, the sounds of "Mentality" makes use of every audio dimension to attack your ego from all angles. Excellent tension and release open up room after room of altered moods and states. No sound becomes overused, and, from the corrosive leads to the stretchings of saw waves, the care given to equalization and arrangement is very apparent. Last two minutes filled with beautiful atmospheric melody that call a sunrise to the twilight dancefloor.


Phobos & Deimos - Moon & Sun

This amazing track is unspeakable. Sorry, you must listen to it. :P


Glooex - AnyWay

The outro track to this compilation is relentless and unforgiving by it calming effect on a mind. Kicks pound out rhythm with the bass. Synth strings and dynamic saw leads bleep and bloop their way up and down the pitch spectrum. Masterfully filtered sweeps imply feelings of inhalation and exhalation in a track that seems to take on a life of its own.



Worldwide distribution through Psyshop & Beatspace | www.psyshop.com & www.beatspace.com |



We have added a special option for people who want to support our music digitally:

We are trying out a "pay as you want" system, so you, the buyer, can edit price for track or full release before buying. All Payments processed by PayPal.


To purchase from us digitally .... see HERE !




Local promoters! For very special booking offer write to info@moonstation.ru



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This somehow completely passed my by until just now. That's a mighty impressive roster you've got there.

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