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Illow - Technical Melting Pot Ep


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Illow - Technical Melting Pot EP – Mind Expansion

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Artist : Illow
Title : Technical Melting Pot EP
Label : Mind-Expansion ( www.mind-expansion.net )
Coverdesign : Rafael Rolo@gmail.com
Genre : Dark Psytrance
Format : WAV (FLAC), Mp3 (320kbps) digital release
Length : 38:22min.
Releasedate : july 2009
Release-ID : ME025
Mastering : Sushupti & Illow

All tracks written & produced by João Rodrigues / Portugal
Mastering by Sushupti & Illow @ Sushupti studio / Portugal

Release Description:

A warm welcome ladies & gentleman into the crazy world of Illow.
He is a very gifted newcomer from portugal ready to blast the world with his first musical apearance on the scene.
Its a high emotional journey through liquid sounds, rolling baselines
and Illows unique touch of psychedelic madness. Prepare yourself and dig deeper to the hidden unconscious part of your mind.
Feel the vibration and the frequencies that creats new life energy and harmony within ourselfs.

Illow - Technical Melting Pot EP :


01. Electric Mind 155bpm (8:08)
02. Valkyrie Warrior 156bpm (7:50)
03. Illow vs. Notag - Octopus Rebelion 156bpm (7:14)
04. The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalipse 160bpm (8:03)
05. Harmonie in the Twister 160bpm (7:47)

1. Electric Mind:
just an open mind gives us the chance of having mystical experiences along our ways.

2. Valkyrie Warrior:
These brave creatures introduce to us their world of war, spread your wings and cast your spells!

3. Octopus Rebelion:
Are you ready for the battle ?

4. The 4 Horsemen Of The Apocalipse:
Welcome hunters of the dawn, may your swords guide us.

5. Harmonie In The Twister:
The twister is coming ,fasten your seatbelts, hold on tight,
here we go...

For more information please click on the banner below :

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