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Separation At Aquilis - Psychedelic Dub Tech/Trance!


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Hello psynews :)


I've lurked around on this forum for years, usually being critical about psy genres... well allow me to prove that I'm not always just a critical sod. I do not produce psy trance. I don't produce straight techno, nor dub. I think what I produce has elements of all these things. I like to go in my own direction and take ideas from a few genres like this, because that's just how my sound has formed. I doubt I'll ever try making true psy, or goa, but a few of the tracks I've made have taken elements from these genres, and I feel that psynews is a more appropriate place to post about this than the raft of minimal techno / IDM forums that are out there.


So please find a few tracks here for your perusal: :)




... including my newest piece "Separation At Aquilis". It's kinda an attempt to give dub techno a f*cking good kick up its complaceant arse, and is not the dull mid-tempo pish that certain "high-profile" dub techno producers put out... I'm even considering upping the BPM a bit more.


Drums are a healthy mix of 808, 909, MFB and other sounds; and apart from one sound on "Edge of Venatici", all sounds are created by myself, with hardware synths - mostly Waldorf and Novation. I've gained a healthy appreciation for DIY sampling lately, and I recommend trying it!


I'd appreciate your comments. If you're interested in hearing more, Kahvi Records have released Casimir Corona which is an epic longform ambient piece, and also somewhat psychedelic. Not minimal!





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Nice work! I can hear certain similarities w/ Float & Phasetech, which, to me, is terrific!



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