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ManMadeMan - Children Of The Light [EKTLP04]

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01 :: Different Form (120 BPM)

02 :: Tribal Mentality (120 BPM)

03 :: Stillness Within (80 BPM)

04 :: Conscious Creators (140 BPM)

05 :: Procession (141 BPM)

06 :: Light Craft (140 BPM)

07 :: Flower Of Light (110 BPM)


Ektoplazm proudly presents Children Of The Light, the sixth album from the legendary ManMadeMan (Sonya Bailey & Paul Baguley). Over the years ManMadeMan has built up an extraordinary reputation releasing music on countless labels and gigging all over the world. In 2007 the band independently released Free To Listen direct to the Internet, thereby becoming one of the first major EDM acts to fully embrace the free music model of digital distribution. After being amazed and inspired by the reaction to all of this, ManMadeMan now returns to share a new album bursting with creativity and filled with fresh ideas. Children Of The Light is an incredibly diverse production, running the gamut from tribal progressive trance and ethereal downtempo to full-on floor-burning madness, all interwoven with ManMadeMan’s signature sound. This album is dedicated to all the listeners, dancers, labels, artists, and children that have changed the course of history.


Download it for free in MP3/FLAC/WAV direct from Ektoplazm:


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Have been listening to this album recently (dl'ed it a couple of weeks ago from MMM's site). This is indeed excellent stuff, very diverse yet consistent in quality. Probably their best album yet.


Nice of Basilisk to grant this album some more exposure by giving it a release on his netlabel.

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