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Bluetech - Call Of The Wild EP - Free Download

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Evan Bluetech - Call Of The Wild EP

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Artist : Evan (Bluetech/Marc/Bartholomew)
Release : Call Of The Wild EP
Label : Autonomous Music
Vocal Textures : Tina Malia (Track 1)
Free Release Nr. : 001
Cover : Laura Lee Bartholomew
High Quality VBR MP3 - FREE DOWNLOAD Click Here !

Artist Bio:

A classically trained pianist and master of the art of software production. Bluetech's love of the melodic and exquisite sense of sound design makes him one of the most ingenius producers today.

Bluetech's sound emerges from his custom-built Reaktor instruments and software based synthesisers as a primordial electro-dub alchemy. While encompassing musical touches from different parts of the globe, he presents a total blend, crossing genres and borders.

Bluetech has created a label called Native State Records to release his own music and music from other artists who cross boundaries between ambient/chill and more idm/experimental sounds.

Not content to stay at home, Bluetech has toured extensively and performed in Japan, UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Croatia, France, Denmark, Mexico, United States, and Canada.

Bluetech has released three albums on Aleph Zero Records, an internationally acclaimed chill label run by recording artist Shulman. Aleph Zero brought Bluetech's music to the attention of the international chill audience, and helped to launch his career worldwide through strong support and beautiful packaging.

Bluetech - The Divine Invasion Finally it is here - the eagerly awaited third Bluetech album on Aleph Zero - The Divine Invasion. Three years in the making, The Divine Invasion offers an irresistible mix of spacey dubby beats, dreamy atmospheres and unique compositions. The same irresistible mix that made the New York Times label Bluetech as “one of the best ambient artists” following the release of his previous album - Sines and Singularities. In The Divine Invasion, Bluetech, a master of downtempo electronica, goes deeper and farther into new uncharted territories. From his distinct mellow oceanic ambience, emerge playful complex sound games and subtle yet sweeping currents of emotion, amalgamating into wordless songs. Bluetech is a master in the art of creating danceable music full of ambience and ambient music that makes you dance, as The Divine Invasion perfectly proves. Hosted here are electronic music pioneers Mirror System (aka System 7), progressive trance dancefloor masters Ace Ventura and Lish, and Aleph Zero’s own Eitan Reiter.

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the call of the wild

...there is in all things an ebb and a flow, a constriction of energy into condensed from, an expansion of solidity into the ethereal and mutable. My life has recently taken this path of change, reflecting the timeless wisdom of the organic.

The plants have begun speaking to me, the earth has begun speaking to me, the particular flight pattern of a pair of birds a potent divination, the liquid oscillation of waves crashing upon the shore a wisdom tradition. Everything around us is alive, vibrant, and resonating at a audible frequency if we only stop and listen. I am listening now, and everything in my life has changed. My identity as „Bluetech“ holds no validity here, and all of those previous associations ar dissolving: artist, performer, traveller, hipster recording artist, label owner. All of these beliefs about who i am are my ego’s attempt at transcendence above unity with the natural world. I don’t want to be „Bluetech“ anymore.

I want to be a tree singer, one who sings songs in the key of sap rising up the fractaline trunk of ancient elders
I want to be a plant whisperer, letting my quiet breaths massage seedlings into glorious germination
I want to be a dreamer, dreaming the Big Dream of earth an sky
I want to be a force of power in my generation, a call from the living world to wake up to our true place as earth keepers
I want to heed the summons of Spirit to abandon the tyranny of a mechanistic universe and emrace the gnosis of all living things
I want to reflect the power of sun in worship of life, as does each and every flower that unfolds to share ist beauty
I want to be a wild man in a civilized world, shaking my wooden staff im the face of every life destroying corporate entity
I want to be a pure vessel, a living avator of pregnant silences, an earth mystic always dancing to the songs of stones

I have heard a call from outside of time, first in dreams, then singing in every sound, color, and light of the natural world. It speaks to me of renewal, of union with the divine inherent in all things, of a return to the source of life, of all the mother’s lost children come home to be fed sweet nectar of rememberance of our place in the created world, of our roles as gardeners of myth, and keepers of the flame of consciousness for a profound purpose , not only for our own selfishness, but to keep the oldest story alive.

This music is offered as a gift. I can’t play the music industry game anymore, begging people to buy my music so i can pay my rent, travelling way past my point of exhaustion in order to put a few mor dollars in the bank account and cross my fingerst that it will drive album sales. My reason for creating music is to get the message out: we are what we have been waiting for, heaven is not waiting for us at the end, the kingdom is „at hand“, we either create a beautiful world or we create a hell. If you feel me, if you hear me, if you enjoy this music and feel like supporting me, donations ar deeply appreciated.

Plant a seed, at least one. Tend it, love it, help it grow.

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Video click here :

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...you can find his myspace pages here:

Bluetech on myspace :

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Evan Bartholomew on myspace :

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Evan Marc on myspace :

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