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Manaproject 2012


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Manaproject2012 was developed in 2004 by Aquarius and Mana Wizard. After a deep psychedelic experience and always ending tracks, they decided to mix some journeysets.
In this moment their ambientproject was born.

They combine mystic, atmospheric and organic psyambient and create therewith a psychedelic atmosphere, which let the listener dive into the depths of the psychedelic experience.

Artistbio DJ Aquarius

DJ Aquarius is Ilker, born in 1976, currently based in Hamburg, northern Germany.
Music was allways with him and in 1993 he had his first psy-trance experience, this bewitched him until today.

Aquarius starts djing chillout and psyambient in 2004. In the last three years he played at miscellaneous psychillouts around germany and at the solstice festival 2008 in the netherlands. He has a weakness for uplifting organic psychedelic ambient.On the other hand he loves spheric and experimental tunes.

In 2006 he become part of the Mystic Tribe (German Partyorganization)as a co organizer from 2006 to 2008. He establishs Manaproject2012 (German Psy-Ambient project) in 2006 and is also part of the Psychedelic Family (German Partyorganization) as a mainorganizer.

In 2009, he joined Peak Records as a label DJ.

Artistbio Mana Wizard

Mana Wizard is Tim, born in 1981, living in Hamburg, northern Germany. Psymusic is since 1996 a part of his life, so he decided to mix Chillout and Ambient in 2000. He started with Aquarius an ambientproject and they played on privat partys and for friends.

In 2004 his first sets was hearable on public partys, that was the beginning of proffesional djing. In the last 5 years he played on a lot of psy events in Germany and Holland. He loves to play uplifting, organic, psychedelic ambient, ethno sounds, electro, experimental style and well selected psytrance.

In 2008 he founded the Psychedelic Family (Partyorganisation) with a bunch of friends together.

In 2009, he joined Peak Records as a label DJ.

Here are three of our latest mixes, they are all deep trippy and psychedelic and darkish oriented ...

I. Mana Magic :

"Mana Magic" is a 332 minutes journey into the deeper romes of Manaproject2012 it is in the beginning
soft and slow but it turns up realy high maybe a bit danceble ...(mixed by Aquarius & Mana Wizard)

Click Here For Download !

II. Lysergic Mind Expansion :

"Lysergic Mind Expansion" 125 minutes journey comes out of the manabrain as a relaxing and easylistening stuff …
…also very psychedelic with a slow beginning a good high and a slow came down ...(mixed by Aquarius)

Click Here For Download !

III. Ethnodelic Lounge :

"Ethnodelic Lounge" is a 90 minutes of ethno oriented stuff for the special spiritual hours
with a nice and slow beginning a good flow in the middle and a nice and smoth end ...(mixed by Mana Wizard)

Click Here For Download !

Lay back and enjoy the flyt !!!

Addditional links:

Bookingadress :






Thanks for your attention and wishing you pleasent psychedelic listenings...
Kind regards,

Manaproject..s MySpace :

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Dj Aquarius..s MySpace :

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Mana Wizard..s MySpace :

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Peak Records`s Webside:

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Peak Records`s MySpace:

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