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Filteria tribute...and off course SUNtrip Records

no man's land

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probably there's millions and millions tributes out there for the guys who makes possible oldschool sounds come back from oblivion... :posford: well its my time to say thanks to them

first at all Filteria for his mental-sickness :P for popping into our planet on his intergalactic-ship coming from the unknown spreading his colors and light.

second to suntrip records for make all this happen :D

and last but not least to those how believes and keeps the spirit alive.. :drama: :lol: :lol: :lol:






1- the snuggling snail

2 - the snail keeps crawling

3- unfiltered (moon rmx)

4- the big blue

5- ultimator!

6- birds lingua franca

7- in heaven's eyes

8- reflected

9- tiny universe

10- earthrise

11- pyrogen

12- navigator

13- filtertraces (abstract dream rmx)

14- back to earth

15- float away and disappear

16- cloud kingdom (solar fields rmx)



ps: its so much fun mixing filteria, fighting with all this color, textures and melodies building up a perfect harmony lol its so difficult but i really enjoy dealing with such an Alien.


thanks again suntrip and off course FILTERIA :posford: :posford: :posford: :posford:

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