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Out Now ! Peace KA - I Come In Peace (EP)

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ME024 Peace KA - I Come In Peace (EP)

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Artist : Peace KA
Title : I Come In Peace EP
Label : Mind Expansion Music
Coverartwork : Pida / contact : www.mind-expansion.net
Genre : Psytrance
Format : WAV(Flac), Mp3(192-320kbps) digital release
Length : 34:62 min.
Releasedate : April 2009
Release-ID : ME024

all tracks written & produced by Thomas Piscaglia @ Peace KA studio / Cesena, Italy

Peace KA - I Come In Peace EP Tracklist :

1. strip cut 150bpm 7:44 min.
2. liquid goa 150bpm 6:53 min.
3. psy galaxy 150bpm 7:11 min.
4. a style 150bpm 7:06 min.
5. drastikanima 160bpm 6:48 min.

Release Describtion :

Mind-Expansion strikes back with this amazing EP from Thomas Piscaglia a.k.a. PEACE KA.
He is part of a new breed of very talented musicians from the sunny state of Italy.
On this 5 track Ep you will find a selection of his finest tunes from the beginning of his production to the
furious and wild creations from nowadays.The music could be described as a mixture between dark and acid sounds
also psychedelic or more soft atmospheres, togheter with pumping phat and aggressive basslines.
Abduct yourself into the magic world of Peace KA , its made for pure enjoy on dancefloors worldwide !!!

1. Strip Cut:

You can be in the world and use the things of the world but you should not be attached by those things.Thats all.
Its just using them as tools...its all how you look at it! Thats the tricky thing but thats the Secret!

2. Liquid Goa:

A lot of groove and tricky leads turn this one into a real dancefloor stomper!!

3. Psygalaxy:

Now you are in the middle of the Peace KA universe ,surrounded by orbs of light and pure rare energy
from the source of our mother NATURE
fasten your seatbelts please , we are about to take off.

4. A Style:

The frequencies are set and we are prepared to loose control over all our
sences in this molecular world!!

5. Drastikanima:

We will reprogram you , just relax and enjoy the show !!

...watch out for his debut Album on Mind Funk Music
and his other Project Assault Junkies a.k.a. Dust & Peace KA.
the two maniacs are preparing right now their debut EP for Mind-Expansion

Mind Expansion Music:

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Mind Expansion Music MySpace :

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MySpace Peace Ka :

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MySpace Assault Junkies :

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MySpace Mind Funk Musik :

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2009 Mind-Expansion Music

All rights of the owner of the recorded work are reserved.
Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending, or selling of this record is prohibited!
Feel free to play the tracks in your DJ Sets around the globe.

Visit the brand new online shop for our music:

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