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18.4 "FISH!" said Sir Eel, Helsinki, Finland

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18.4. @ Ravintola Kaisaniemi, Helsinki-Finland


Exogenic Records & Friends presents:

Troll Scientists: "FISH!", said sir Eel - Album Release Special!


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12€ / 15€






Troll Scientists (Exogenic Records)

Acid Kings (Sähkö Recordings, Keys Of Life)

Texas Faggott (Exogenic Records)

Koneveljet (Exogenic Breaks)


Kallonmurtuma (Special Two Track Toilet Semilive!)






Other activities:

Bucket Fishing


Dress Code:

Smart for fishing OR



More info: pay attention to your environments!


- Troll Scientists (Exogenic Records)


The ecclectic suomi influenced beat bizzarres Troll Scientists is formed by two talented producers Jani Inkeroinen and Staffan Ström. Helsinki based duo has left a permanent trace in the Finnish and worldwide psy trance community with their highly psychedelic and yet deeply original production.

In 2007 Troll Scientists released their debut album Useless Science on Space Boogie Productions. Album gained much interested attention especially with its originality and was even said to bring the psychedelic back to psy trance. Troll Scientists are going to continue their experimental researches this year with their upcoming second album Sir Eel which is due to come out in April.


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- Texas Faggott (Exogenic Records)


The musical journey of Tim Thick and Pentti Slayer as Texas Faggott started in the early days of 1990..s. The madness of the hillbilly trance masters have conquered the hearts of dancing crowds in all over the world, especially in Japan, Israel, Australia and Eastern Europe. They are currently working on their next album.


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- Koneveljet (Exogenic Breaks)


Koneveljet is definitely a group to experience on live gigs and not least because of the visual dimension on many of their performances. Their lively improvisation on stage has flourished from their interest to jazz music. Live improvisation contributes also to the composing of the material as some elements find their places on stage and finally their way to the albums.

The band is currently working on a double album which will include one cd of personal more upbeat clubsounds and a 5.1 surround audio-dvd of more ambient-style tracks.


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- Acid Kings (Sähkö Recordings, Keys Of Life)


They are the men without a past, perpetually stuck in 1989... the Kings are a true hardboiled oldschool acid/techno trio coming from the grey backyards of Helsinki eastside ghettoes. The Acid Kings' amazing 303 skills & tricks have had devastating effects on dancefloors due their smash releases on Sähkö, Keys of Life and F-Comm labels and their outrageous banging live acts for select audiences in underground events all over the world - from Turku to Riga, Berlin to Osaka, Helsinki to New York, Rotterdam to Montreal.


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Ravintola Kaisaniemi



Exogenic Records



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