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V/A - Perfecto Allstars Present: The Perfect Party


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1 Zee - Say My Name (Eddy Fingers Midninght Epic Mix (5:58)

2 Grace - Hand In Hand (Legend B Remix) (6:20)

3 Legend B - Lost In Love (Red Jerry's Mix) (9:22)

4 Tilt - My Spirit (Dizzy Remix) (6:56)

5 Grace - Orange (Album Mix) (6:50)

6 Juno Reactor - Jungle High (Oakenfold Edit) (3:18)

7 Jelle Boufon - Hope (Hold My Hand) (3:39)

8 Virus - Moon (Our House Mix) (8:06)

9 Our House - Floorspace (4:00)

10 Angeles - It's Alive (Original Mix) (5:04)

11 Man With No Name - Floor-Essence (Dayglo Mix) (6:02)

12 Man With No Name - Teleport (Original Mix) (6:58)

13 Perfecto Allstarz - Reach Up (Papa's Got A Brand New Pigbag) (Indian Summer Remix) (6:42)


Paul Oakenfold always had the habit of blending goatrance with more commercial trance and purist goatrancers hated him for this. That said, today the psy scene is pretty different and with full-on artists churning out commercial dance remixes as if there was some software who was doing it for them, comps like this one don't seem as cheezy as they once were.


Zee starts with a vocal (classic) trance track, there are some nice ideas but it's overal sound is a bit too commercial for me. NEXT!


Grace ah now that's more like it :) Still in commercial territory but not as commercial as the first track, and definately not as commercial as the original version. There is also a VERY nice melody in there that wasn't in the original, me likey :)


Legend B up next with a remix of the classic Lost in Love which I suppose that every trancer who knows their classics knows. Well interestingly enough this sounds like a blend between the original Lost in Love and another classic with the word "love" in it: Age Of Love.


Next is a remix of Tilt which is sounds pretty minimal, I have to admit that I admit the original by far.


Then comes the Perfecto classic Grace - Orange well, actually this was originally named Skin On Skin (Orange Mix) but it is that version released on Oakenfold's classic The Goa Mix that made him famous (and made goatrance known to many people who knew nothing about the scene back then). What can I say? I love this track just as much in 2009 as I did back then :)


Yet another classic Juno Reactor's Jungle High, again what can I say other than if you don't know this track already, you missed out on something big?


Back to more cheezy territory with Jelle Boufon, which is quite irritating actually, I prefer to skip this one.


Virus up next with a progressive (commercial) trance track. Nice but nothing particularly memorable here...


Our House with a pretty average track as well. Some 303s in there, but nothing special IMO.


Angeles up next with a very nice track. It is also on the commercial side but the melodies are very nice. There's also a bit of a MWNN feeling in there, which is probably why I like it so much.


Then come 2 massive classics from MWNN that I suppose don't need any comment if not to remind newbies to the scene that these are 2 of the best trance tracks ever made :)


The closer is a remix of Perfecto Allstarz best known track (and one that annoyed the hell out of me when a teen). But rest assured, this remix was made by the master MWNN and has nothing much to do with the original. It was also first released on Oakenfold's Goa Silver Mix so I guess most people also know this one as well.


Conclusion: Very nice showcase of the best classics released by Perfecto Records. OK, sometimes it goes overboard into commercial territory (after all, we're talking about Paul $Oakenfold$ here lol) but there are still enough decent tracks here to compensate. If you don't already have Oakenfold's The Goa Mix (which is IMO a must-have for any goatrance and/or classic trance lover) then this is a pretty interesting comp to have. 3,5/5

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