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~SCHATSI~ 14th June After Party @ Carni


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SCHATSI - Israel





HEATH MYERS (Semi Retired)






MOTIVE(Open Rec.)





A Winters Day Party


SCHATSI- Live (Israel)


Behind the project is Yoni Oshrat, a 29-year old Israeli with a rich musical background.

SCHATSI, is his electro-project, featured on releases from Hadshot and Mylo's Breastfed Recordings, while being spinned by the likes of Jhon Digweed . A man of different guises- ACE VENTURA, from IBOGA records a deep, tribal and pumping progressive psytrance act and with Dj Goblin to form the Children of the doc/ PSYSEX project - together they released 3 critically-acclaimed full length albums on HOMmega.


Download one of his techno sets here:






Decoy is Ian Chaplin, Philip Rex, and a bunch of stuff that you plug in, put in your hands, pluck, stroke, blow, tweak and tap. They have releases on Plusquam, Dance n dust, Digital Structures and an upcoming release on Mule Rec. with the IMPS, a collaboration between Seb and Marcus aka Minilogue/ Son Kite. Ian will be playing a DJ set on the night.






Tom Cosm – Live (NZ)


Tom, is a techno producer, performer and teacher from Christchurch, New Zealand. He travels the world with a suitcase full of electronic instruments, stopping at various places to perform and give free music workshops.





HEATH MYERS (Semi Retired)

Playing a cheeky chunky eclectric-techno blend of acid, electro, kooky beats and deep fat bent-tech his emphasis is on creating a dirty dance floor mash up with unpredictable drops, interspersed with off beat vocals and a diverse blend of nu-tech sounds and contemporary structures. Heath has total empathy with a crowd, reading them well and delivering his sets in accordance with their desires and energy, yet never being afraid to challenge them.



JONNYMAC (Bus Records)

JonnyMac has been a fixture in Melbourne's outdoor and club scene for the last 5 years. Always having an obsession with music the transformation from punter to DJ was a natural one. Over the years Jonny has experimented with styles spanning the spectrum of dance music, from breakbeat to trance to electro to progressive to techno. Aside from DJing Jonny also co-runs two successful Sunday evening club events - Fed Up Sundays & Seared featuring Australia and the world's most forward thinking DJs and producers. Jonny has been picked up as a label DJ for France's BUS Records managed by Matthieu Delepeau (Lunaspice, D-sens), a label with a very similar musical outlook to Jonny's which has some very exciting releases in coming months.



MOTIVE (Open Records)

Motive is from Melbourne, Australia. Playing as a representative for the Australian progressive label Open Records, his DJ sets incorporate the deeper tribal essence of the progressive sound with an emotive and dance floor focus. Born and bred in the famous Australian psytrance area of North Coast NSW and forever loving the emotional content of music. Since then he has featured at parties across Australia and overseas performing a mix of progressive trance/house and tech/electro.



PEDRO (3rd Ear)

tunes fantastico!

yeah you better believe it.. its some kinda kooky electronica insert awesome genre here cause you should just come see the man in action.. yeah woo!



CONTINUUM (Live) www.myspace.com/continuumsound

Continuum is a dynamic 3-piece production trio hailing from Melbourne, Australia, who formed in 2006. They are continually striving for new and fresh production sounds and techniques, recently demonstrating this with LIVE performances alongside many international acts. Their clean blend of funky, psychedelic, bass thumping, electro/glitch sound are continuing to impress punters at home and abroad.




Price $15 (Cheaper with an Ace Ventura Ticket)


Midday till 1am



60 High St


South Preston



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