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Ain-Soph - Annoying Sputnik

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Time for a new mix....

Lots of suomisoundi and aussietrance, all mixed on the fly, so i make some little mistakes

some very old and very new music mixed with 2 Pioneer cdj1000MKIII and a very fine Rodec mixer




Ain-Soph - Annoying Sputnik




Antiscarp Warriors - KilinKaliGali

La Calamar - O-M-M

Salakavala - Serial Atari

Club Kooma - First Kooma 08

Igor Swamp - On Moss

Texas Faggott - One King

Mandalavandalz - Double Slit Experiment

Flying Scorpions - Who Are They?

Club Kooma - Kelakonsultti

Sattle Battle - Wassup Jaque

ExUus - Electrostatic Field Stimulation

Digressio Traviato - Ha Delet

Hired Goonz - Seatangle

Haltya - Mean Green Monster Theme

ExUus - Tipsy vs Drinkywinky


Tracklength: 64 Minutes 41 Secondes

BPM: 150 BPM

Bitrate: 320 Kbps


Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/r22od4

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