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RND – Ask The Dust (Dub!) Celestial Dragon Records CDREC-09

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Title: Ask The Dust

Artist: RND

Label: Celestial Dragon Records

Catalogue: CDREC-09

Barcode: 9366977745995

Format: 4-Panel Digipak

Release Date: April 2008

(p) and © 2008 Sonic Dragon Records


Mastering by EOX

Distribution by

Saiko Sounds (Japan)

Arabesque (non Japan)


Posted Image




RND ( aka RaNDom ) is Mattb's electro-dub project.


Begun in winter 2003 in Tokyo, he released the critically acclaimed demo 'Cuts One' in spring 2004; a mix of electronica and dub cuts and later on ‘Point Two’, an explosion of urban electronica and dubby grooves.


Since then RND's tracks have regularly been played by chill-out luminaries such as Nova (Ultimae Records) and Gaudi (Interchill Records). Mary Anne Hobbs of UK’s Radio 1 has recently added tracks from As the Dust to her playlist.


Roger Linley (London Philharmonic Orchestra) joined the crew during the 2005 European tour. His melody and basslines added a more organic, thick texture, which became a signature of today's RND sound.


The new album, "Ask The Dust", takes its title from a John Fante novel of the same name. It is an extraordinary mix of Dub,Breaks and Electro glitch, featuring BrotherCulture on vocals and Shinsuke Inoue on tablas.


RND avoids genres in favor of an eclectic brew of flavors, but remains firmly rooted in old-school dub foundations.


From the catchy "Tell em," to the powerful bass driven "Negotiations"; from the strong melodica lines in "Jahrdens," to the minimal stepper "Illuminations," and onwards to the NU-Ska-Breaks of "Simulationsim," Ask The Dust's 11 tracks create a ambitiously wide-ranging sonic experience.


01. Intro

02. Flok

03. Morose Dub

04. Tell ‘em (Protection is con)

05. China-Off White Dub

06. Fuurk

07. Jahrdens

08. Swanlake Dub

09. Negotiations

10. Simulationism

11. Illuminations

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