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V.A , Spoken Weird - Adama Records


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Adama Records Presents:

Spoken Weird - V/A Compilation - AD001


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From the searing subtropics of South east Queensland Australia comes the flagship release from Adama Records -Spoken Weird.

A jaw-dropping array of some of the globes most out-of-the-box artists guide you on this scorching safari, combining gut-wrenching psychedelia with some of the naughtiest funk ever to be dug up. Adama implores you to loosen your tongue as we get WAY far-flung with the seriously squishy, hectic dialect that is Spoken Weird.

Artist: Various Artists

Title: Spoken Weird

Media Format: Jewel case, Cd

Cat No: AD001

Release Date: 18 April 2008

Distribution: Arabesque Distribution

Complied by Senoi

Digital Mastering by Elad Weinberg

Artwork by Scozbor


Reviews by Deepfryer

1. Oxya - Trancetard

The boosters ignite with fuel from galactic Greek guru, Oxya who administers a few psychological tests, beginning with sketched-out pads and a kick drum that hums hard through your floorboard. Punchy, plunky stabs fill the gaps making ''Trancetard'' a convenient canister of robot fuel suitable for priming any dancefloor.


2. Sattel Battle - Homegrown (Remix)

Those in the know are already aware of the left-field, cackling creative menace to so-psy-ety that is Elad Sattel Battle. Also operating under the darker guise of Tsabeat, Elad has continued along the lunatic fringe, releasing the debut Sattel Battle album "Sounds Cool" last year. Adama is giddy to give you a remix of one of the more outstanding tracks ''Homegrown''. In this episode a super-freaky, squelching discoball of energy twists up the wackiness knob to eleven, all the while being strapped down to a train-track of a bassline complete with a runaway locomotive fueled by nitrous oxide. It doesn't get more maniacally fun than this!



3. Crazy Ducks – FreakadelicCrackling, crisp-crunching coalesces into a cascade of fine music as Crazy Ducks return, wielding that signature, sinister kick along with gobs of bubbly, funky bass. “Freakadelic” is a bit more of a builder than most Ducks tunes, easing its way layer-by-layer down into the depths of the delirious, snip-snappy antics we’ve all come to know and love.



4. Sienis – Nosy Neighbors

Neighborhood menace Sienis takes the piss outta the party-pooping prudes who complain about a little cacophonous chaos. Galloping along at a nice clip, “Nosy Neighbors” pokes its head into some pretty crazy business, including grinding, glitch-smears of synthesizer and some wobbly, cinematic bell-tones with a special comedic edge.


5. Calamar Audio feat Sporty Shorty – Piranha Food

Calamar Audio serves up a pulsating platter of ego, id, and deep-fried squid. Garnished with sonic seasonings ala Sporty Shorty (of Club Kooma), we find ourselves with a heaping helping of “Piranha Food”. These artists feed the funky fish inside us all, bringing finely-honed Finnish flavors, the hook is baited with a blood-soaked bassline.We get further tangled in the anglers net when shuffled snares when shuffled snares and siren songs fill in the murk, just before getting skeletonized by a sharp second phase.


6. Digressio Traviato – The 3 Eye

Digressio Traviato is a fresh duo who have taken a blinding, ultrapsychedelic approach with their stunningly fun new sound. “The 3 Eye” opens wide, finding that sacred position between mischievous-yet-uplifting programming and deliriously disturbing psychedelia, the likes of which are rarely heard. Listeners are treated to a no-holds-barred romp through a series of themed explorations, all driven forth by variations on a thick, creamy melt-in-your-mind bassline. Absolutely astounding!



7. Mullet Mohawk – Perse Arska

A gnarly-ass bassline that just forces you to roll your shoulders as you rock back and forth keeps your grounded while whirly-swirly, acidic arpeggios swim wildly overhead. A little acoustic Old West guitar licks its way across the mind and accentuates this perfectly deranged Suomi thriller.

8. EvsY – Himolaskijan Pitkät Nousut

The Lords of the Liverdance are back with another dose of their highly unique, funk-soaked Suomisaundi. This seven minute sizzler cute right to the chase with discordant horns and itchy, gritty synthlines. Whizzing, fizzy oscillations bubble up like a psychedelic seltzer only to flatten out into a humming, burning smear of blackened funk with slinky, salsa-percussion to cleanse the palette near the tail end.



9. Pavel Svimba – Suuntavaisto

One of the more mysterious musicians surfacing on “Spoken Werid” is Finland native Pavel Svimba. A happy, shimmering combination of classic ravey synthwork combines with unadulterated Goa-delic styling, resulting in a wild, chunky rumpus of a track perfect to unleash on any morning floor. Guaranteed to get the dust flying and the faces smiling. Be on the lookout for more melodic madness from this wicked Finnish talent in the near future.



10. Sygmatix vs Crazy Ducks - Funky Spirit

Two of the most innovative acts doing things these days combine minds to crank out this over-the-top funk monster. The tune features an unusually syncopated-yet-chugging array of percussion/effects. As soon as all the pieces get shuffled into place, the listener get bitch-slapped by some shiny-whiny synthesizer swells ala Crazy Ducks. “Funky Spirit” does no injustice to its title, cause it is thoroughly glazed in the funk-sauce.



11. Lemon slide vs D.D.A - Bostik Bossa

Original nutters Lemon Slide come hot off the heels of their awesome first album "True Nature", teaming up with Finnish duo Disco Dance Action (DDA) to bring another springy slice of spaced-out Suomisaundi to the table. An uplifting, giddy mood pervades the tune which pops along, propelled by a syncopated discodelic bass line. Plenty of sizzling synths abound sometimes punctuated with wet, squelchy arpeggios all in a happy, Tropical-glam motif.



12 . Scozbor – Turkey Nnodder

Kevin Babbage, aka Scozbor sews up the scalpel slits at the tail end of the sonic surgery that is “Spoken Weird”. Being charged with descrigin Scozbor’s music is quite a task indeed, but rest assured: Scozzy comes through with some of his signature weirdness that we’ve all come to know, relinquishing his human form for that of a turkey this go round… A strange, strange turkey from Cologne that spends his evenings sipping Absinthe and eating dragonfly larvae whilst imploring: “Let’s get funky now. Let’s get spunky now.”



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