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Winter Solstice -14th June - Byron Bay - Australia

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Fungipsyde Records, Alien Gossip and Aum 88


are proud to help celebrate with you all



14th June 2008


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With local, Interstate and International line up featuring:


TWISTED SYSTEM - Timecode records - LIVE



Since their first release on Timecode records, the system have

gathered an almost fanatical worldwide

following for their full power, no holds

barred onslaught of sound, a tech , dark

psy maelstrom. Following the release of

their album “The dealers” they have since

cemented themselves as one of the best

night time acts available.


Twisted System deals in dancefloor

and psychedelic destruction bliss.

SHIFT - Nexus Media - LIVE




Since early childhood Chris has played

musical instruments and studied music in

various forms, but it was only while completing

his university degree that he realized his

passion for dance music and his ability to produce

it was discovered as he toyed with software

on his bedroom PC. His first international release

was Virtucon Inc. released by Microdot records in 2001

and since then, well… with over 120 international

psy-trance releases in 3 projects to his name,

and the experience gained in setting up Timecode Records,

and now Nexus Media, one could say he is one of the busiest

producers in the scene.



PHYX - Timecode records - LIVE



Phyx is one of the consistent headline artists

for Timecode Records - he is known for upfront

dance music, powerful psychedelics, dark epic

soundscapes and ripping high-energy groove.

Alsoone of the label managers of Timecode

Records based in Cape Town - South Africa

LUKE PSYWALKER - Digital Psionics - LIVE



Psywalker is Dj Luke Psywalker from Byron bay Australia

and is one of Australia's longest standing and finest

psychedelic DJ's.

He began his dj career in 1995 playing at parties in the

Byron Bay area .

Since then Luke has played at many parties and festival,

in many countries across the globe over the last 10 years.

GUI - Loony Tunez - LIVE



Gui's music sounds something you may have heard before but

cant quite put a finger on it. Thats the way he likes it, he figures

that if u can put a general label on what your doing u still haven't

really found what your looking for.

Gui's Music is fresh and straight from the press - be prepared for

the most pleasant of surprises.




With Support from



Alex - (Up records) Sydney vs Launchpad - (Up records)


Volt - (Loony Tunez) vs Alien Wisdom - (Mad Monkey Society) Perth


Manarchy - (Alien Gossip) vs Kaotic Eternal - (Aum 8Cool


Foot-E - (Biosine) vs Jules - (Biosine)


Molecule - (Mad Monkey Society) Perth


Tantrum - (Fungipsyde/Loony Tunez)


Url Grey - (Hytea)


JoLe - (Loony Tunez)


Ric D - (morning monsters)


Spiral - (Nobodyknows)






Banners - Izwoz + TBA

Sound - EAW (MegaBlast) - Aum88

Visuals - AsylumSeaker

Lighting - Virus with a touch of CY



Security will be there on the night to keep you safe.








Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming days or email: shitz-n-giggles@hotmail.com for event information closer to the day





***Due to reasons outside of our control - Ace Ventura will not be performing at the Byron Bay Pre-Winter solstice party.


We are currently in the process of booking another exciting artist - and look forward to sharing with you all once details are finalised...



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