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CONQUEST PRESENTS: Xerox & Illumination - Fri 27th July

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MELBOURNE, Australia:

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CONQUEST is very proud to present


Xerox & Illumination LIVE (Hommega / Israel)

Illumination DJ

FREQUENCE DJ (Iboga Records/ Australia)

Ozzy DJ (Tribeadelic / Australia)

Orpheus LIVE + DJ

Conquest All-Stars

and much, much more...


Imminently born, the CONQUEST crew aims to bring the electricity back to the dancefloor.

The CONQUEST begins with a mega-launch featuring the world’s finest electronic

psychedelia live and intimate with crystal clear NEXO sound, lighting and visuals to blow

your mind. Bring your smiles, good vibes and good friends - see you on the dancefloor!


Friday 27th July 2007, Doors Open 9:00pm

Roxanne Parlour - 2 Coverlid Place, Melbourne.

Pre-sale tickets: $30 + booking fee. More at the door...

Tickets available online from Green Tix (www.greentix.com.au) and from


PLEASE NOTE: Tickets will be available from retail locations from Tuesday 3rd July.


See www.conquest.co.il or our My Space www.myspace.com/conqst for all the latest news!


Xerox & Illumination (Hommega Productions / Israel)

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Xerox (Moshe Keinan) & Illumination (Amir Dvir) aka XI unleash the beast!

These veteran producers take a huge part in shaping the psychedelic trance scene. XI’s joint venture albums - "Temporary Insanity" (2004) and "XI" (2005)

delivered psychedelic trance fused with metallic sounds and highly influenced from the techno & breakbeat genres. With their 3rd collaboration album

“The Beast Within”, they maintain that extra dose of action packed epic music but as due in modern times, it is induced with a touch of electro music and

cross over appeal. The album makes its Australian debut at the CONQUEST launch!


FREQUENCE (Iboga Records / Australia)

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FREQUENCE is Aran Gallagher born in NZ and currently based in Melbourne Australia. He is the Label DJ for both Iboga records (Denmark) and Plusquam Records (Germany). With over 15 years experience in music production and DJ sets in more that 15 countries, FREQUENCE brings the latest sounds from the most prolific labels in the scene. This success has been highlighted with the compilation release of SET 6 (Evolved) appearing on Iboga records, and many performances such as Universo Parallelo (Brazil), Rainbow Serpent Festival, Earthcore, Soulclipse(Turkey), Stargate(Tokyo Japan), Sonica(Italy), 3rd Empire(Israel), Switzerland, Mexico, UK, USA, Greece and many, many others.


Ozzy (Tribeadelic / Australia)

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Deck wizard, producer and sonic sorcerer, OZZY heads Tribeadelic, Australia's premier psy-trance party outfit and record label. Known for his slinky sets and mind-blowing music, OZZY presents an aural assault of the senses. His morning sets are renowned for their madness and never fail to kick up the dust at aussie bush doofs. As a Dj for many years, and with access to the magical music vaults of tribeadelic artists, Ozzy has recently played at the "Soulclipse" festival in Turkey, as well as festivals in Israel, Japan, Noumea, Europe and of course many australian parties big and small!

He set up Tribeadelic Records and with six albums released to smash dancefloors, the label has become one of Australia's best and most popular parties all over the world. Now producing as "Liquid" , Ozzy is putting his experience to creative outlet and after testing their bombs on the dance floor with great success,

Liquid's debut album will be released in 2007 on Tribeadelic.



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Dan's connection with music stems from his early days in the womb, being exposed to a wide classical repertoire prior to actually being born. From an early age, climbing naked to an intentionally raised stereo to tinker with knobs and buttons, it was clear that Dan's destination was to be a marriage of music and technology. His formal entry to the music world began with piano lessons at age 8, which allowed Dan to develop and refine his classical training. At age 12 Dan also took up Latin Percussion in order to bolster his stronger understanding of melodic and harmonic themes with rhythm training. At age 12 Dan began tinkering with MIDI technology and sequencing software but without any clear objectives, he lost touch with music and music technology as a way of life, however the passion remained. Toward the end of high-school Dan was introduced by friends to the Psychedelic Trance genre and after some initial resistance, he became addicted and immersed in any material he could source. After many frustrating attempts to understand the fundamentals of Psychedelic Trance production, Dan decided to embark on an audio engineering degree, which he completed successfully last March. In only a few months since launching the Orpheus project, Dan has shared the stage with Trance megastars such as Sesto Sento, Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Protoculture. In this short time Dan has also composed and unveiled a new LIVE set, a representation of his own unique style.

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