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EP - Bash Vs Kernel Panic - Alcoholic Amnesia (DARKEP012) 2007


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EP - Bash Vs Kernel Panic - Alcoholic Amnesia (DARKEP012) 2007


Artist: Bash Vs Kernel Panic


Name: Alcoholic Amnesia

Label: D-A-R-K Records

Genre: Dark Psytrance

Date: March 27, 2007

Format: FLAC (wav)

Length: 27:44


Cover Art:


Posted Image



Posted Image




01-Bash - Freaks Eve... (9:20)

02-Bash - Fear Of Unknown... (10:04)

03-Bash Vs Kernel Panic - Squizo... (8:20)




01-Bash - Freaks Eve... (9:20)


Opens with ambient forest sounds and soon breaks into a groovy phat bassline and some highly twisted synthwork, its like you are walking through the deepest lanes of psychedelia, 1:10 on starts with brain slicing leads, and extremely well-done percussions, a voice sample takes over and soon starts the crazyness of different layers creating a plethora of insane sound textures sure to drive one crazy, 3:22 there;s some strange video game kind of sounds and then the beat makes you march taking you deeper stomping, highly acidic, 5:09 onwards the soundscapes get more intense, killer composition , 6:30 is that haunting pad with a slight flange to it preceeding with a neatly done, gate. Super paranoic journey all way till the end.



02-Bash - Fear Of Unknown... (10:04)


Some whispering and cry of pain and agony, starts with blasting bassline, punchy kick, squeaky synths. Super - mental synthwork giving us bizarre melodies, very tight sounding-track, some spooky pads, but this has more composite of crazy organic leads, good use of different sound fx especially the flaring acid riffs, seems to make it like a looney asylum. 2:39 on is a weird

break and the track gets more spookier,story-teller crazy nights all that makes me remember.


Very rarely do artist these days stretch their tracks this long, but you won;t ever sense a monotonous feel on this one, perfect journey track. The artist has tried to get out the Monster of his mind on this one.



03-Bash Vs Kernel Panic - Squizo... (8:20)


Sick Intro with the beat kicking in, at 0:25 some crazy synth leads that sound like some

mechanical nature, punchy kick with sharp percussions, Squeaks n Bleeps, some Fx'ed voice samples adding to the craziness, 2:14 starts the crunchy groove, chaotic ambiences, track goes thumping deeper, Evil fx'ed voice sample at 3:19,the phat groove continues getting gritty, raw and brutal....3:50 the bassline sets rolling with intense layering of synths making you trip the Mental over-load pumped in by this crazy artist.


Each track on this ep is well produced, so that makes all of them my favs.


Words ain't enough for this review, one thing for certain this is a must get Ep for any acid freaks who would like to break free of his mental cocoon. I am highly anticipating his forthcoming releases and all the best to Bash, bring on more of this craziness.


Link: h**p://shop.d-a-r-k.net/live/index.php?act=viewProd&productId=107

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