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EP - Phazy M'ulator - Shiva Off (DARKEP011) 2007


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EP - Phazy M'ulator - Shiva Off (DARKEP011) 2007


Artist: Phazy M'ulator


Name: Shiva Off

Label: D-A-R-K Records

Genre: Dark Psytrance

Date: March 27, 2007

Format: FLAC (wav)

Length: 21:27

Webshop: www.d-a-r-k.net

Website: www.dark-records.com


Cover Art:


Posted Image



Posted Image




01-Phazy M'ulator - Transylmania... (7:39)

02-Phazy M'ulator - Shiva Off... (7:29)

03-Phazy M'ulator - Coitus Interruptus... (6:19)




01-Phazy M'ulator - Transylmania... (7:39)


This begins with dark atmosphere creeping in followed by a hungarian movie sample i guess...church bell, sounds of sword fight to remind u of movies like "Van Helsing"....0:46 onwards starts this hard edged bassline, growls and roaring pads, production level is highly crystal, this one is hard to find story-teller of a track,as we go further onto this dark dreary road where the ambience is just set like the tales of the crypt or vlad dragulla tales being narrated admist the chaotic layers, amazing composition,good delay and flanger on those pads, psychotic leads, Enjoy this super-spooked roller

coaster ride into Myth & Reality of Castles and Vampires of Transylmania.


02-Phazy M'ulator - Shiva Off... (7:29)


Mad laughter which breaks into rolling dark bassline, this is definitely no-fuss schizo track, HOwling synths making all you dark freaks mad.... 1:00 some vocal about Shiva being said in Hungarian 2:12 Demented Sound Textures keep playing in tricks that sync with our mind games, and the bass gets more deeper but banging with insane pads being tweaking the crazyness out of you, 3:00 on back to the big booming bassline echoing out screams , evil atmosphere breaks and at 4:44 flowing are insane rhythms tracks gets more intense. Chaotic Nuances, Heightening the tension , Throwing you in a fit of endless mind-warps.


03-Phazy M'ulator - Coitus Interruptus... (6:19)


Crazy name for a psychedelic track , this is another one of those dark chronicles, stiff punchy bassline and then a ripping lead keeps roaring, evil pads as if you are lost in hell, spooky pads tweaked like mad, this is highly acidic which will definiely make the trancers flip. The leads and soundscapes are powerful enough to manifest itself as a non-physical entity of pure psychedelic energy.


All of these tracks are those best night-time tracks that i always long for trancing too, this ep is in no way for the weak-minded who fear to venture into inner-sanctum of your mind.


Sick cover art too....



Bom Shiva !!!

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