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The Big Chill Goa is a two day festival combining music, art, and relaxation to create a paradise on the shores of the Arabian Sea, taking place from midday to midnight on April 14th and 15th, 2007.


Three music performance areas will host the best dance and chill-out live performers and DJs from The Big Chill's family of artists, introducing an Indian audience to the leftfield festival experience Big Chillers in the UK have been enjoying for over a decade.


The Body&Soul area will offer a range of treatments, drawing on India's long-standing traditions of hands-on healing.


The Art Trail will showcase local and global artists working in a variety of media.


This is the first time the unique blend of cutting-edge and traditional music, art, relaxation, blissful days and fun-filled nights is going to India, and it promises to be a very special event.


The Big Chill has been a feature of the UK festival scene since the mid-1990s, and has produced events worldwide in, amongst others, Australia, Egypt and Greece.



The bands and DJs performing at The Big Chill bring breath-taking live performances and record collections to envy from global stars and local heroes, including:



From cut-up remixing to live visual mixing, Coldcut first exploded onto the cutting edge of dance music in the 80s, and they are still there. 2006's 'Sound Mirrors' album - including collaborations with Roots Manuva and Robert Owens, proved that they continue to innovate. Their live show is an audio visual extravaganza that has circled the world several times over the last 12 months - including a spectacular set at The Big Chill 2006.



Norman Jay

Uniquely among DJs, Norman Jay has been honoured by Queen Elizabeth II with an MBE - in recognition of his service to music in the UK. At The Big Chill's festival at Eastnor, Norman's Sunday afternoon set, is a traditional highlight of the weekend - with soul, hip hop, house, drum and bass fusing to bring Good Times.



Jose Padilla

A familiar name everywhere, Jose Padilla has exported his beautiful, mellow Cafe del Mar sound all over the world - through hugely popular compilation albums and with DJ appearances worldwide.



The Bays

The Bays do not record. The Bays do not rehearse. What The Bays do is play brilliantly improvised dance music live. Performance is the product. Taking the rhythms of hip hop, house music and drum and bass as their starting point, these four musicians create a continous soundscape, telepathically changing the mood at the flick of a beat. The Bays have stunned festival and concert goers worldwide, creating music completely of the moment and collecting fans through shows throughout the UK and worldwide.




When DJs mix videos instead of records, it's feast for the eyes, the ears and the dancing feet. Hexstatic collide classic videos with beats from right now, making switched on audiences dance to Abba, the sound of trees being chopped down, or whatever other ammunition they decide to load into their dancefloor-aimed audio-visual missiles.



Tom Middleton

Jedi Knight Tom Middleton's productions as Global Communications and Amba have enchanted chill-out audiences all over the world, while his DJ sets range from blissed out beauty, through cheeky cover versions to dancefloor-shaking beats.



Sheila Chandra

As a teenager Sheila formed the band Monsoon, and created a fusion of Western (synthpop) and Indian pop styles. Chandra went on to release a number of albums in the 1980s, at times experimenting with her voice as an instrument through a range of techniques. In the 1990s she released three albums on Peter Gabriel's Real World label. Since 1992 she has shifted from the Indian-Western fusion of synthesizer-centered pop to styles that draw on British and Irish traditional singing traditions. A much-respected performer on the world music scene and remains active into the 21st Century, performing the song 'Breath Of Life' on the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers soundtrack.




Bombay bred Shri (Shrikanth Sriram), of Badmarsh and Shri fame, has been a main light in the UK Asian Music Scene since it first came to prominence in the early 1990’s. Shri trained as a classical tabla player, from a very early age. He turned tradition on its head by adapting his innovative feel for percussion to other instruments notably his self-made fretless bass and the Indian bamboo flute. Using his Tabla techniques he quickly developed a totally unique style of slapping and coercing the most haunting and funky sounds from a bass that combined the visual gravitas of a sitar with the reverberant voice of the bowed Indian Sarangi, establishing a reputation as a unique multi-instrumentalist and performer. His curiosity and constant search for something new and interesting has led his career and experiences to be extremely diverse. These are absorbed in his compositions, rolling drum and bass, sublime filmic trances and funky grooves, which travel the length and breadth of deepest India to deepest South London. Truly new music.



Mad Professor

Deep and heavy dubbed out sounds are the Mad Professor's trademark. Perhaps best known for the Massive Attack remix project 'No Protection', Mad Professor picked up the baton from Jamaican studio legends like Lee Perry and King Tubby, working the mixer and effects as a musical instrument.



Chilled By Nature

Pete Lawrence's Chilled by Nature project is the fruit of ten years work, bringing together some of the UK's best musicians to create 2006's dream-like album 'Under One Sun'. With songs conceived and created in London, Egypt and the Greek Islands, the Big Chill's founder fuses the many elements at the core of The Big Chill into a blissed-out sunshine sound, both in the studio and on stage.



Ben Mynott

Ex-Fragile Stater and a leading light on the UK chill out scene, Ben's radio shows, journalism and compilations all show him to be one of the leading purveyors of enchanting, mellow music. Ben himself describes his sound as "just. beatiful. music." - and he's right!



Eva Abraham

Big Chill Recording's Eva Abraham has the voice of an angel and songs that come from the heart. Simple, acoustic arrangements convey her heartfelt lyrics - anyone who sees her perform falls in love with the songs and the performer.



Lol Hammond

Lovely Lol Hammond knows how to move different parts of audience's bodies, their feet with dancefloor-targeted DJ sets, and their hearts with beatiful solo piano performances - Lol has been with The Big Chill since the very earliest of times, and recently has established himself in the British film industry as music supervisor on some of the UK's most successful films. He is - to use his own, favourite word - a 'corker'.

Lol Hammond Biography


Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins is on the ascendant. His productions have made some of the biggest names in the music industry sit up and listen, and his live performances have been a tour de force at The Big Chill's London venues. Uplifting and cinematic, with soaring melodies and a sound that touches everyone who hears it.



Laura B

The fantastic Laura B hails originally from France, but now resides in London. In addition to bringing the best of French music to London at the paris-london.org events, Laura is a respected producer and live performer in her own right - working on many of The Big Chill's releases, and performing at the festival, and releasing music both solo and in collaboration with others.




Bruce 'Alucidnation' Bickerton is Big Chill Recording's laconic troubadour. Often performing sitting down at his laptop, he not only creates luscious, ambient and electronic soundscapes - he sings songs from the heart, often amidst AV performances accompanied by personal photographs from his life. A touching, heartwarming performer with a unique style that is all his own.



Burt Latino and Mavis

Burt's DJ sets travel the world, picking up music for dancing from every country you can imagine. Vibrant and full of life, the music is accompanied by imagery created and collated by Mavis to create an immersive journey around the world without leaving the dancefloor.



Leggo Beast

Murray Clark, the creator of the fantastically wild electro creature Leggo Beast is not a man to compromise. He is however someone who will make a definitive musical statement. Which is an unusual approach in the electro arena, given the current obsession with remixes, mutations and collaborations. Leggo Beast like some mythical electro beast was born whole. When Murray creates a piece of music he does a selection of mixes and then destroys the ‘parts’. This auto-destructivist stance is about being happy to stop and move on creatively. It takes a certain amount of courage, confidence and clarity to do. It has it’s roots in the tradition of performance and of things being what they are when they happen.

Leggo Beast biography


Mixmaster Morris

Mixmaster Morris is synonymous with fantastic music. From his Ninja Tune productions as The Invisible Force, and his DJ sets worldwide, Morris has wowed audiences from the UK to Australia and back again, wherever he plays, his encyclopedic knowledge of music lets him pick precisely the right record to play next - whether blissing out thousands of Japanese fans with complete ambience, or driving UK club audiences crazy with the most leftfield of dancefloor sounds.



Nick Luscombe

Broadcaster and DJ-about-town Nick pops up all over London and the UK, introducing club and radio audiences to interesting, leftfield electronic music - in particular from Japan - to a UK, and now Indian, audience.



Bam Bam

Reggae, dancehall, dub, bashment, drum&bass - if it has its roots in Jamaica and it makes you want to dance, Bam Bam's Johnny Clash and Duck will play it. Their New Year's Day set at London's Big Chill Bar is now *the* place end a London New Year's Eve night out and their set at The Big Chill 2006 was received by an adoring crowd.

Bam Bam at bigchill.net



Pathaan is one of the very few UK based DJ’s to have truly crossed the dance/world divide. Whereas many other world music DJ’s lean nearer to the roots market, Pathaan’s history is steeped in dance culture - a stance that is reflected in his popular ‘left-field’ reviews for DJ Magazine, and his numerous appearances in London, Ibiza, Italy, Madrid, Barcelona, Brazil, Istanbul, New York and many far away spots. Most interesting to lovers of the Asian Underground sound has been his unique and highly absorbing Stoned Asia Music series of compilations, which reflect a personal passion for global chill-out with a sitar twist. Also a growing musical diversity had led to the release of ‘Pathaan’s Small World’; a moniker showcasing the open-minded attitude of his club nights combined with an obsession for seeking out the very latest global platters.




Yam is one half of YamYam. They have recorded and released music over the last dozen years or so. Initially starting out on Nation Records where Mr Scruff re-mixed the classic single 'The Spectacle' and going on to record for New York label Codek. YamYam have recently fetched up on Big Chill recordings with the single 'Bahama Mama'. Guy is based in Brighton, UK, where he has a radio show called AfroBase on Juice 107.2 FM and on totallyradio.com - He has also runs a long established club night also called AfroBase. Yam explores afrocentric music, blending the sounds of the continent into a dancefloor friendly funky mix. As he says of the music he plays 'this is about great pan African dance music you can bend your knees to'!

More about Yam



Glyn "Bigga" Bush of Rockers Hi Fi fame has remixed the likes of Ennio Morricone, Tosca, Ella Fitzgerald and Suba from his studio in the depths of rural England. Go grab an extra large portion of funky Latin percussion, massive bass lines and deep melodies.



Mr Tom

Fluidnation resident and full-time Big Chiller, Mr Tom's sonic adventures with Haven4's legendary parties in London combined a deep knowledge of beautifully warm music, with a genuine sense of fun.





In his chapter in The Big Chill's book 'Crossfade' AJ says "The early eighties scene started to make it possible to live with an increasingly eclectic record collection. It set scores of people off on audio discovery trips. It opened the sound gates to a whole new world. Music was no longer regimented into pop, rock and disco." Deep involvement with the UK music scene, and a regular fixture at Big Chill events - AJ enthusiasm and knowledge shine through as he hosts stages.

AJ at bigchill.net



Originally from Denmark, but now based in London, Nettie's regular compering session at The Big Chill's Castle stage sees a genuine love for the music blended with brilliant comedy moments to ensure everyone has a brilliant time. Nettie's a great DJ in her own right too - best known for the Daft Pink parties in London.

Nettie at bigchill.net



Some Big Chill performers work with light rather than sound.


The VJs who will be creating visual works of art - live and synchronized with the performers and DJs - are...


Muffled Visions




The Ombudsman




More names to added - including some great performers from India. Check back for further details soon!


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