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dj TV - RE:surp (oxygen records)- ambient, idm, elektronika, chill out mix


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V has recorded a new set called RE:surp - its a mix between idm, ambient, elektronika or chill out music. Containing tracks from Autechre, Trentemoller, Murcof or Boards of Canada. Hope you will enjoy this slightly different music than we used to release. Its pretty melancholic, deep, hypnotic selection of tunes for listening, driving or just daydreaming. Here you can get the set here:



and here is the full tracklist:



01-Boards Of Canada - The Color Of The Fire - Music has the Right to Children

02-Autechre - VLetrmx21 -Garbage

03-Biosphere - Warmed By The Drift - Dropsonde

04-Murcof - Cosmos - Cosmos ep

05-Bauri - Vintertar - The Slacker Journal

06-Bola - Phane pt.2 - Gnayse

07-Autechre - Tewe - Chiastic Slide

08-Arovane - Torn - Icol Diston

09-Murcof - Rios - Remembranza

10-Benge - Iso-Grifo - I am 9

11-Trentemoller - The Very Last Resort - The Last Resort

12-Faction - Inside Out - The End of Tel Aviv

13-Biosphere - Birds Fly By Flapping Their Wings - Dropsonde



Mixed and compiled by dj TV - Oxygen Records








more info here:


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