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Illusion of Self & VA-Hypersenses previews - PsyPneumatix Records

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Hey folks,

Check out a sneak preview of whats coming out soon from PsyPneumatix Records:


The eagerly anticipated brand new 'Illusion of Self' artist album 'Illusion of Choice' is ready to hit the stores.

The second album from Jimbo is gonna be a cracker for sure, here's a few teasers:


Azumi - http://www.psypneumatix.com/audio/ILLUSION...ELF-Azumi-2.m3u


Akuostix - http://www.psypneumatix.com/audio/ILLUSION...-Akuostix-2.m3u


You're Crazy - http://www.psypneumatix.com/audio/ILLUSION...our_crazy-2.m3u


Here comes Scracily - http://www.psypneumatix.com/audio/ILLUSION...ere_comes-2.m3u


and also out very shortly will be Hypersenses compiled by Syzmix (this one's been a long time coming due to Syzmix having some personal problems over the last year, but is finally gonna see the light of day) The compilation will feature only PsyPneumatix artists and represents the sound of Melbourne , Oz at the moment....enjoy these tasters


Decibel - Delinquent Decibel - http://www.psypneumatix.com/audio/DECIBEL-Delinquent.m3u


BufferZone - Hypersenses - http://www.psypneumatix.com/audio/BUFFERZONE-Hypersenses.m3u


Terrafractyl - Culture Shock - http://www.psypneumatix.com/audio/TERRAFRA...lture_Shock.m3u


Syzmix - Brace Yourself - http://www.psypneumatix.com/audio/SYZMIX-B...your_self-2.m3u


Both the 'IOS' album and 'Hypersenses' compilation should be due for release in April....quickly followed by the third PP compilation 'About Time' sometime in May

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