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Ocelot: pSyMaTiX - January 2007!

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Ocelot: pSyMaTiX


Dropout Productions is very excited to announce the fourth full-length album from world renowned producer, Ocelot: pSyMaTix.


Composed of ten strong tracks in distinctive Ocelot style: driving, tribal,

spacey and intensely psychedelic -- pSyMaTiX is a solid, geometric sound structure that will reverberate throughout time as a genuine and extraordinary work of art.


An astounding, psychoactive journey with driving, pulsating bass lines,

spiraling melodies and expansive metagalactic soundscapes.


"Tribadelica" kicks off the wave journey with fresh, thumping sounds that pick you up and have you dancing immediately! A twisted collaboration with Digitalist called "HappyFunLand" peaks out the first wave… In no time, YOU turn into a three-dimensional vibratory pattern as you surf the waves of energy in a dancing frenzy to ‘warpDrive’ and ‘newMachine’.


The final wave will take you beyond multiverses, beyond the known galaxies, where you ‘Disappear’, ‘Catch a Zoid’…and then reintegrate into the solid realm with FireStix. Sure to ignite dancefloors world wide!


Use extreme caution: Listening to pSyMaTiX might give you super human powers, or it might just make you dance your ass off like never before. Either way, we suggest listening to it with friends on a 100KW sound system , in a beautiful outdoor setting.


For aural samples visit:



Track Listing:


1) tribeadelica

2) go ahead

3) happyFunLand

4) come on

5) warpDrive

6) newMachine

7) phone booth

8) disappear

9) to Catch a Zoid

10) fireStix


Ocelot, aka Aaron Peacock, has been releasing dance floor driving favorites

since 2001. He has released on Dropout Productions, Vertigo Records, Ceiba

Records, Insomnia Records and numerous other labels. After extensive

globetrotting and releasing four full length albums, he is now known as one

of the most sought after psytrance producers coming out of San Francisco. He

produces high-impact psychedelic trance, sometimes deviating into fresh

morning goa style, for your nonstop dancing and listening pleasure.

For more information, see: http://www.dropout-productions.com/ocelot.shtml


Educational Tidbit: The name PsyMaTiX was inspired by Cymatics, the study of

wave phenomena. The word is derived from the Greek ‘Kyma’, meaning “wave”

and ‘ta kymatica’ meaning "matters pertaining to waves." Cymatics is

typically associated with vibratory patterns, or how sound patterns are

manifest in material media. If you take a plate of sand and resonate it with

sound, certain pictures appear in the sand depending upon the sound.


Sound Affects Matter...


Mastered by Aaron Peacock


Distribution By Arabesque: http://arabesque.co.uk


Artwork by Punkadelik: http://www.punkadelik.com


Dropout is dedicated to encouraging psychedelic trance and art that

skyrockets dancefloors into full force overdrive. We are located in the core

of San Francisco, where uninhibited, psychedelic sound is spiraling beyond

the vaporous edges of reality! Our mission is to amplify, strengthen and

celebrate psychedelic art in its various manifestations. Our vision embraces

healing sound, ecstatic dance, tribal culture, and unifying ancient

traditions with new emerging technologies.




We are dropping out and weaving psychedelic trance culture throughout planet



Contact Info: info@dropout-productions.com


Dropout Production Releases:



Tune In, Drop Out!

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