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Cosmic Flowers in the mix [christmas SET.I]


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Hello ppl this is a set consisting of 9 selected tracks from the Cosmic Flowers' XMAS COMPO 2006 - Psy Eve.



Get everything set and enjoy the music.



01. Cybernetika - Microchip

02. Ray Subject - U.O.S.T.

03. Faxi Nabu - Fight The Future (edit)

04. ExtAzya - Psychedelic Bomb

05. Tripped Driver vs Galaxia - Trip Above The Orbit

06. Ray Subject - Chimera

07. Spacer - Dejavu

08. Roberto Romero - Morning

09. Mike A - Shomervan


Total Running Time: 46:26


Download it here: http://rapidshare.com/files/20333657/WLiZz...e_Mix_SET.I.mp3

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Gooood. Now You can play it in Greece. Say halo from the Crew to Geonik ;)

That Mike A chap is starting to show up more and more these days. B)


Thank you for the mix.


Thank you for your feedback guys.

Big thanks to all the artist and to Cosmic Flower netlabel.

We need more music like this.

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