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Album - SynSUN – Unstoppable – Spliff Music

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SynSUN – Unstoppable –


Label: Spliff Music

Cat No: SP1CD018

Format: CD

Release Date: 01/01/2007

Barcode No: 2801197610182






CD 1 (psytrance)

01. Dancing Machines

02. Unstoppable (Album Version)

03. Science Fiction

04. Embryo

05. Ride the Ligthning

06. Psy Hit

07. Vampiria Night

08. On the Tron (Bonus Track)

09. MDK


CD 2 (chillout)

01. Zak

02. Neo

03. Laser Show

04. Asian Dub

05. DNA

06. Sleep Now

07. Classical

08. Slow Down

09. Eldar

10. Storm

11. Reason to Live

12. Ragga Fagga

13. Guitar Particle Illusions


samples link cd1 : http://www.spliff-music.co.nr/synjukebox.html


samples link cd2 : http://www.spliff-music.co.nr/syn1jukebox.html


Artist Biography : SynSUN


SynSUN are Andrey Vakhnenko (aka Vax) (27) and Evgeniy Ryabinin (aka Jeka) (20).

Andrey & Evgeniy are both classical music graduators & have a musical background of 10-12 years.

The Project was founded in Ukraine, Kiev in 1998 by Andrey Vakhnenko then Willy (Vitaliy Samoliga) join the project. In 2002 Willy left the band to work on his side project.

at period from 1998 till 2002 SynSUN made a 3 promo albums:

- "Zelur Project 2000"

- "The Full Power of Goa" (2000)

- “The Sounds of Cosmic Lifeforms" (2001-2002)

which were successfully sold in internet.

Vax & Jeka hard working on sound and own unique style in psy trance music!

The debut album Symphonic Adventures (Kagdilia records, USA, 2004) has been widely acclaimed as a breath of fresh air, many trance listeners compare this release to Infected Mushroom “Classical Mushroom” and 2 first Hallucinogen albums.

The album became critical in creative activity of SynSUN career. This mixture of two distant, at first thought, directions psy trance and symphonic classical, were successfully united in one album.

The Second official album Phoenix (Starsound records, Greece, 2006) - a quintessence of fashionable today full on and old good melodic goa trance with harmonica, inherent only SynSUN.

SynSUN unique style of trance that the band have created is a fresh tunes & ideas in trance music.

At the end on summer 2006, SynSUN joined Spliff Music. SynSUN 3rd long play album on 2 CD’ s followed by the name “UNSTOPPABLE” will be presented in January 2007.


SynSUN live act is dynamic, hot, sexy & very unique. On live show they use electric guitar & variety of synthesizers. SynSUN have a strong sound signature , while they are 100% original , they make there on psy full on dance. SynSUN already played on heavy European duties with artist such as: 1200 Micrograms, Infected Mushroom, Midi Miliz , Safi Connection, X-Dream & many others .


Web : http://www.synsun.info


Sales Points:


It’s very easy to describe release . it actually points to ALL music lovers . Unstoppable is a double sided album , cd1 is a psy-dance floor & cd2 is a chill/lounge downbeat world music , that reflects so much of today’s listeners . it have a lot of live acoustic instruments combined with high tech electronic synthesa . we can easily say that even if your are not a trance freaq you can still enjoy this album .

SyNSUN are Andrey Vakhnenko (aka Vax) (27) and Evgeniy Ryabinin (aka Jeka) (21).

Andrey & Evgeniy are both classical music graduators & have a musical background of 10-12 years each .

This album is 3rd Solo long play from Ukraine wonder boys SynSUN . it’s a double CD .

the first CD is all psy fullon , hyper energetic . we can find a lot of live acoustic instruments , which defines SynSUN soundmark . There live show is with an electric guitar presented & variety of syntisizers .

SynSUN style are not the common nowadays fullon , it have a strong European aroma with high class musical skill that SynSUN use in each of there songs .

This album resemble a huge breakthrough in SynSUN musical mentality , it seems they jumped more then 1 level here .

Cd 2 is all , chillout/downbeat songs , it points not only to trance heads , as a matter of fact it points to all music lovers . it has almost all musical aspect , from : dramatic ambiences till magical uplifting melodies .

SynSUN took about a year to compose this album & you can sense the hard work all over it.






TEL: 020 8992 0098 FAX: 020 8992 0340

EMAIL: sales@arab.co.uk


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SPLIFF-MUSIC January 2007 site Updates list :




• DOWNLOAD - Spliff Dynamic Wallpapers Collection (this will make your desktop looks Killllaaa).

• DOWNLOAD - Spliff ScreenSaver (Screen Saver for your PC , Spliff home made).

• Safi Connection new! DJSet for downloading + TOP10.

• SynSUN new! DJSet for downloading + TOP10.

• Liquid Phase new! DJSet for downloading + TOP10.

• Uriya new! DJSet for downloading + TOP10.

• Uriya's Interview ::: DON'T MISS THAT !!!

• Added new sections ::: F.A.Q(Frequently asked questions) , Add Link(submit your link) , Votes Archive .

• More DJ Sets downloads (from DJ Mesh , DJ Torat Zen , DJ Snipe , DJ Noz).

• new merchandise !

• Track of the month free download : updated .

• Poll Archive Section Added

• Members Area Section Updated

• Artists Agenda Updated




Enjoy !


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link to player :http://www.spliff-music.co.nr/syn1jukebox.html


synsun exclusive dj set download : http://www.psyworld.info/index.php?SynSUN - Live Set.mp3


synsun screensaver download http://www.psyworld.info/index.php?SynSUN.scr



SynSUN TOP 10 January 2007

01. Ellis Vanghoul - Dreaming Japan (SynSUN RMX) (unreleased)

02. SynSUN - White & Black (unreleased)

03. SynSUN - Invisible People (unreleased)

04. Ellis Vanghoul - Father of All (Mushy rec. / Violent Energy)

05. Sub 6 feat. Jah-Natan - The Clash (HOMmega /VA Israliens 5)

06. Safi Connection & Miraculix - Absorve (Spliff Music/unreleased)

07. Spinal Chord - Nine Lives (Agitato/unreleased)

08. Ranji - Infaction Begin (Spliff Music/unreleased)

09. SynSUN - Meta Dream (Artsense RMX)

10. Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane (BNE/ Becoming Insane)



Web : http://www.spliff-music.com




synsun videos : http://www.shushu-records.com/2/-=videos=-..._(Club_117).avi




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Props to SynSun who are doing much more than just putting their stuff out there...after all those rumours about them splitting because of they weren't making money, it's good to see them getting back on track. Hopefully this is the album that really gets them noticed!! My love for Symphonic Adventures knows no bounds. I was lukewarm on Phoenix. So here's to old roots...

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