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Civilysed Chaos


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Civilysed Chaos, compiled by DJ Spazzz


GEO-Isreal (Geomagnetic Records) is super excited to present the debut DJ album from international DJ extraordinaire, DJ Spazzz, otherwise known as Aviv Mizrahi – Civilysed Chaos!


Get ready to DANCE! This collection of twisted, mind bending, mental blasters will have you freaking out and laughing underneath the night sky! With amazingly funny samples to go along with the dark, psychedelic madness, the entire album is a dancefloor launcher! Deep, dark, twisted and crazzzy!


Contort your body to the warped sonic vibrations! Bounce ten feet off the ground! Stomp a whole through the multiverse! Civilysed Chaos is a showcase of awesome psy talent from twisted minds the world over! Complete and total mayhem!


Aviv Mizrahi is a gifted DJ and Psy producer from TelAviv Israel. After playing all over Israel and Japan spreading his favorite music, he has compiled an incredible ten track DJ set of the hottest acts coming from Israel, Mexico and Switzerland, including Clockstoppers, Dark Noizz, Audiopath, Energy Loop, Guinea Pigs, Pz2 (Electrypnose vs Zapata vs Elendil) and more! Freak out on the dancefloor to Dark Noise vs. Spazzz, Electrynose vs. Energy Loop and Darknoize (Tsabeat vs Energy Loop). DJ Spazzz is honored to present the leaders of the Israel underground psy scene!


Civilysed Chaos is anything but Civilized! Stomp to the beat and lose your mind among the UNCivilysed Chaos!


For hi quality 4 minute streaming aural samples and to buy directly: http://geomagnetic.tv/releases/CivilysedChaos.htm


Track Listing:


1. Guinea Pigs - How To Get By in The U.S.

2. Dark Force - Cow Hypnosis

3. Energy Loop - Like a Walk in the Park

4. Audiopathik - Speak of the Devil

5. Clockstoppers - Room Function

6. Pz2 (Electrypnose vs Zapata vs Elendil) - Des Trip Laids

7. Dark Force and Spazzz - Darkenss and the Spirit

8. Electrypnose vs Energy Loop - Dont Kill Me

9. Darknoize - Lost Pick Up (Tsabeat vs Energy Loop)

10. Mindstorm vs Twisted Reaction - Civilysergia


Join the excited conversation on Isratrance that celebrates this new release! http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/.../80874/forum/41


Audio Mastering by Chromatone Waveworks


Mastering Engineering by Random, aka Ross Dubois


Artwork by Dr. Spook


Find out more about DJ Spazzz here: http://www.geomagnetic.tv/artists/spazzz.htm


Distribution By Saiko Sounds and Geomagnetic.tv

http://www.saikosounds.com & http://www.geomagnetic.tv


GEO-ISRAEL is a subdivision of Geomagnetic Records, offering the most cutting edge sounds from the hottest new artists of the Israeli psychedelic underground. With no distinguishing night and day, day and night, GEO-Israel offers a thick, light, full-on and dark aural journeys to enhance your trance dancing experience!


Located in San Francisco, CA, GEOMAGNETIC.TV is the world’s leading visionary mastermind in psychedelic visual and aural artistry. With past accomplishments such as Magnus and contributing to the cult classic Liquid Crystal Vision, as well as a plethora of future releases just minutes away, such as the highly anticipated Digital Drugs, GEOMAGNETIC.TV bursts onto the scene full force as the hottest new generation label distorting your mind and body with cosmic psychedelic innovation.


Join our Geo-Tribe: http://tribes.tribe.net/geomagnetictv


Contact Info: info@geomagnetic.tv


For all GEOMAGNETIC.TV Offerings:



For more information about upcoming releases, visit:



GEOMAGNETIC.TV…Come See The Music…

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