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Party of launching of the XVIBE Agency in Japan

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Press » Party of launching of the XVIBE Agency




In day 09 of September of 2006 will be the party of launching of the XVIBE Agency on the Club AZ, situated in the province of Kanagawa-ken Hiratsuka-shi, initiating the night with Dj Bad Alex, agitating the party with much Brazilian Music, Dj Shell, professional on the style Hip Hop and Reggaeton making the people dance, Dj MHACK, idealizer of the project XVIBE, with more than 4 years of career integrant of casting of artists of the french recorder Sonic Motion Records ( http://www.sonicmotionrecords.com/ ) and of the Russian producer Sneg Production ( http://www.sneg-production.ru/ ), played to the side of Tops Djs in Brazil in great parties and raves of psychedelic trance full on, will make one set vibrant in the launching party, Dj Luwis, with more than 12 years of career in Japan, started play in small bars in Kanagawa later passing for the main Brazilian dance clubs, currently is one of djs Brazilian more requested of Japan playing what it has of better of psychedelic trance and progressive, Dj Rogério Factor, experienced professional with a solid career in the best parties of Japan, knows to make the people dance with the better of Epic Trance and Hard Trance, finishing the night with set of Dj Hari, your set has as characteristic perfect mixing and musics of tips, chosen the finger in way to the hundreds of launchings that electronic music offers, exploring between techno and tech-house.



Party of launching of the XVIBE Agency

2006.09.09 - 23hs.


Line Up:

23:00hs BAD ALEX (XVIBE Agency) . Brazilian Music

23:50hs SHELL (BRACHOPPS/C Q SABE BAR) . Hip Hop / Reggaeton

24:40hs MHACK (Sonic Motion Records www.sonicmotionrecords.com / Sneg Production www.sneg-production.ru / XVIBE Agency) . Psychedelic Trance http://mhack.xvibe.net

01:30hs LUWIS (XVIBE Agency) . Psychedelic Trance

03:00hs ROGERIO FACTOR (Together / XVIBE Agency) . Epic Trance / Hard trance http://factordeejay.multiply.com

04:30hs HARI (Ibiza Electronic Music Event / XVIBE Agency) . Tech-House http://djhari2.multiply.com


Venue: Club AZ

Address: Kanagawa-ken Hiratsuka-shi Beniya-cho 12-26 Oki Building 2F

Country: Japão

Map: http://agency.xvibe.net/090906/clubaz_map.png



Tel.: (0463) 24-3253 (English | 日本語)

Mob.: 090 9953-0146 (Português | English)

Mob.: 090 1770-7067 (Português | Español | 日本語)


Web Sites:








Prices: Men ¥ 1.500 (1drink) / Ladies FREE until 24hs, after ¥ 1,000 (1drink)



About the XVIBE Agency:

The project XVIBE was produced from dj, producer and web developer Marcelo Maeda, loving of electronic music since your 13 years old, initiated the site with the purpose to do a cultural interchange of information on electronic music between Brazil and the World Wide. With the proposal of supply the best for the electronic music. Account with one casting of djs and live acts famous of diverse countries of the world, detaching some of them: Flash Brothers (Live Act) from Israel voted as number 66 between Top 100 of the reviewed celebrity English Dj Mag in the year of 2005, played in all the continents of the planet and with most famous djs and lives acts of the world, Atyss (Live Act) from France owner of the recorder Sonic Motion Records, with one recent CD DUSK TILL DAWN launched in July of 2006, which already consists in the store Cisco Records in Japan, Psyshop, Beartport, Saiko Sounds, Juno and other more, with 10 years of career played in the South America and diverse countries of the Europe, Apex (Dj), from England with more than 11 years of career played in the biggest festivals of electronic music of the World, it is integrant of the recorder switzerland Peak Records, we have of many other artists, in which you can confer through the site XVIBE Agency ( http://agency.xvibe.com.br/ or http://agency.xvibe.net/ )




About the Portal XVIBE:

One of the biggest portal of electronic music of Brazil and the world, with more than 70,000 monthly visits, being had access for more than 70 countries, confers the structure of the portal below:



Artists: Djs, Lives Acts, Vjs e Decos

Destined page the spreading of talented artists. The register of artists is selected and after analysis of the promostuff.


Listings Upcoming: Clubs, Parties, Open Air, Raves, Festivals and Events

Destined page the spreading of parties, to add it is free.


Guide: Agencys, Clubs, Records, Stores and Productions

Destined page the spreading of companys of music area and parties, to add it is free.


Community: Chat, Forum, Links, Instant Messenger and Promotions

Pages destined to the users of the site for exchange of information, and count on a section for promotions of vips free entrance.


Media: Photos, Videos, Podcast and Radio

Destined page the publication of photos, videos and sets of djs, lives acts, vjs and decos, counts on a system of broadcast and podcast viw streaming on demand.


Editorial: Interviews, Fashion, Articles and News

Destined page the publication of information and articles about the electronic music and fashion.


Web Sites:

XVIBE Agency: http://agency.xvibe.net/ or http://agency.xvibe.com.br/

XVIBE Brasil: http://www.xvibe.com.br/

XVIBE World Wide: http://www.xvibe.net/




Press XVIBE Agency

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