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Looking for pictures of parties in Leeds

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Ahhh just typing "Leeds" and directly there are several parties announced in the West Indian Center, souvenir, souvenir..... I was living in Leeds in 1998 and that place became my second home (with the number of parties overthere all the time, I could even say it was my first :P ). Came back since and it really changed, didn't like the place as much......... also the atmosphere is less....... well less........ just less <_< but I guess time just change


Anyway, for a while now, I'm trying to find pictures, videos, anything regarding that year 1998, with parties like



Sid Fox

Glow Ballistic

The LS8 free parties

The Green Submarine / cabbage bar...


If someone can help, I would really qppreciate it

Thanks in advance :)

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