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exciting release: Kaito - Hundred Million Light Ye


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Kaito - Hundred Million Light Years


I am so excited about this release. Kompakt usually release good stuff, and telling by the reviews this is something I will dig.


http://www.forcedexposure.com :

"This is Tokyo-based Hiroshi Watanabe's third full-length CD on Kompakt. Ever since his debut 12" Beautiful Day, Kaito remains one of Kompakt's fan favorites. The maestro of nu-trance brilliance and cosmic kitsch returns with an album of beautiful, euphoric cadence. Hundred Million Light Years is the story of a man who left the earth to return to a universe of expressive, unrestrained music that fully embraces classic '90s trance euphoria and Kompakt's trademark minimal style. As we celebrate his eighth release for Kompakt, it seamlessly connects to the history of his predecessors. This is the dream-filled sound of one thousand and one flying sound carpets. Flickering flutes and jubilating bells. Pulsing melodicism that lifts to the stratosphere. It's music-become-feeling and MDMA to the ears."


http://www.boomkat.com :

"Trance. Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing..." Not our words you understand, but those of the late Mr Edwin Starr (kind of) - expressing a sentiment that has undoubtedly been resident in all our minds over the past decade. Well here's one for you; what if trance ditched it's Day-Glo image and put out a record that was actually quite good? The latest emission from Kaito's (aka Hiroshi Watanabe) tenure over at Kompakt, 'Hundred Million Light Years' takes the raw components of trance then mixes in a fizzing vial of dubby-fingered house - the result being very similar to The MFA, with a firm understanding of what constitutes the prime-cuts of a lack-lustre genre. Opening through the incendiary couplet of 'Color Of Feels' and 'Natural Source', it's easy to see why Watanabe is one of Japan's bestselling dance artists - combining the kind of insolent attitude to what should and shouldn't work (see Susumu Yokota's none-flouncy output for homework), with the kind of crowd-pleasing bluster that makes for a bloody-good listen. Closer to Underworld than the gurning-shite which clogs up the genre, tracks like 'Nobody Could Be Alone' and 'Your Brilliant Flowers' bring a real warmth to an otherwise charmless musical strain; with genuine euphoria wrought from the outwardly sterile components. Belying his slew of pseudonyms (Tread, Quadra, Nite System) through a willingness to have a dabble, Kaito has managed to fashion a 'file under Trance' record that doesn't need the bin, though if the mood takes you just might find yourself wanting to chuck it out the window.

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Hey let's hear it for Kompakt! I have the album, and it's great, really nice smooth melodic trance/house. Not suitable for blasting though.


If you like the softer more hypnotic side of goa/psy it's definitely reccomended.

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