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Intact Instinct - Supply From Below

Guest Deku81

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Intact Instinct - Supply From Below


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Artist: Intact Instinct

Title: Supply From Below

Label: Nova Tekk

Date: 1999


Track listing:


01. 08'31" Bossy Bass Buzzer

02. 08'02" Zymotic Zest

03. 08'39" When Woodworm Works Worse

04. 08'39" Chicago Coins Cinema

05. 08'06" Multi Mutoid Mosquito Miasma

06. 07'56" Access All Areas

07. 07'55" Orchestral Offender

08. 08'18" Slowly Suorific Suffusison




Woooops! One of my all-time favourite albums. This is dark progressive psy

trance in its best appearance! These tracks are

obviously made for the dancefloor, but the also work at home. But you must

listen to it in a good sound-system and loud or

else you won't feel the magic. Lots of people will probably find this boring

and repetitive, but I don't think it is. There

are not a lot of sounds at the same time in the tracks but all the sounds

make perfect sense and builds up a precise pattern.

Just listen to tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and you'll hear what I mean for

yourself! This album is a must for all psy trance listeners.

At least it's a good way to take a break from all Etnica, Hallucinogen and

Infected Mushroom stuff. This is not the same

music at all but in it's own way it's just as excellent as these artists!

I'm really looking forward to a sequel for this

album and more nice Nova Tekk releases! Rating 8.5/10

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Guest xcurzion51[at]yahoo[dot]com

xcellent album!!!! This one is surely for those who seek the dark side of

trance. Awesome production and just like the last review, a superior sound

system is needed in order to feel its mind penetrating beats!! Dezigned to

tear up the dance floor!!! BUY IT!!!!

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Guest per_werner[at]hotmail[dot]com

Killer! Progressive music is just getting better and better and this is the

biggest evidence. Can a song get any better than Acces All Areas? I don´t

think so!!! Looking forward to kick ass with these

intergalactic-cyber-progressive-deeptrance KINGS in Copenhagen in March!!!

Wow, it will be totally out of control!!!

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Guest babar104[at]hotmail[dot]com

ive only heard access all areas from this release, but it kiked ass, anyone who

listened to this and didnt like it prolly wasnt a dj:) its minimal on purpose,

its very good for mixing, and the dark progression is what i was lookin

for:):):) i'll be gettin this one soon:):):)

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Guest anotherplanet[at]hotmail[dot]com

teeny tiny trampled tarantulas taste tantalising trickling tea-tree trinkets.


tracks 1,3,5,6 on this album are fantastically orgasmic played on a big loud

clear sound system. based on those 4 tracks alone this album for me is 9/10.

pure bliss.


does anyone know where to fint the intact instinct (Rmx) of quirk's "dance with

the devil"? if their actually is one?

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Guest luigi[at]australiens[dot]net

hard edged..raw..

thank god/ganesh/shiva/which ever diety you worship for intact instinct.

access all area's is an amazing peice of work.

this cd is a must have for any serious dj.

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Guest ChrisdeeACiD

BooH! This is definitely the most dark and spooky "psytrance?" album I own. I

would NOT define this as GoaTrance. More like minimalistic progressive

Psytechno with FAT bass. At first I did'nt like it. There are NO real melodies

in any of the tracks and the tracks are repetitive ... Listen to this in its

entirety... you have to listen to the whole track, get to know it. The best

track is "Multi Mutoid Mosquito Miasma". I get scared while listening to this.

It's as if this very huuge monster is bumping around unstopable ;) "Bossy Bass

Buzzer" and "When Woodworm Works Worse" are also two powerful tracks. This

one's for you who loves dark, heavy trance with lack of melodies. AP fans go

elsewhere. 6/10

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Guest Kuldipsidhu

wicked just wicked even people are making psy trance this

album have so many good track ........ like wwww zz aaa


ccc aaa is best track on this album love kuldip

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Guest Sunflower

Whoooohooo!! Dark progressive psy-trance at its best. Phattest basslines ever

recorded! Best album of the century! =)

Ummm, well, lets go on to the trax reviews shall we?

The album kicks off with "Bossy Bass Buzzer" which is really good, kewl samples

and a really nice beat. Track 2 ("Zymotic Zest") is a twisted song, really

kewl! Track 3, which is "When Woodworm Works Worse", is this albums best

point, incredible song!!! "When Woodworm..." is followed up by "Chicago Coin's

Cinema", this is the only song on the album that I usually dont listen to,

unless I'm listening through the whole album that is, anyway, this song is a

bit flat but quite good anyway, excellent pinball-machine samples. Track 5,

"Multi Mutoid Mosquito Miasma", is, I think, the darkest track on the album,

some things in it remind me of Infected Mushroom. Great! Track 6 ("Access All

Areas") is the albums second strongpoint, really good!! Track 7, "Orchestral

Offender", is a really great song with one of the kewlest kickdrums I've ever

heard! The album ends with "Slowly Sudorific Suffusion", nice chilling track

with great sounds and stuff! This record has'nt got a single letdown, so if

you does'nt have it, go buy it, NoW! ;) 10/10

BOM Shankar! //Sunflower

By the way, if anyone know when they will be releasing their next album or if

you know of any groups with the same style, plz mail me about it on


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Guest a_ozi

Top production, slick choice of sounds and intelligent evolution of trax make

this a pretty damn good investment in sound. Faves include 1,3,5,6 although

its all quality. And if you are after something else along similar(ish) lines,

the go find anything by the Disco Slickers, which are Peter Hollenbach (1

third of Intact Instinct), and two of the guys from Tarsis.

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This album rocks!! Definitely different than all the other

goa/psy/melodic/other trance that currently permeates the market nowadays.

Unique in a sense that, depending on your tastes, this is clearly a different

sound. It's deep, minimalist, heavy, thick, dark, moving and just awesome

sounding. It just creeps into your brain. Great production, introduction of

bizarre sound effects and sound mastering. One of my all-time favorites...can

listen to it over and over and over again on full blast--especially in the

car! 100% recommended. Timeless! 10/10.

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Guest Dandoo Forest

this is one of the crazyer album in all time's!!!

very dark! very manimalistic! very funky toons!

i like it a lot!! buy this cd!!

its take time 2 love this styl but when the time will

come it's will be live a new love ahahahhahaah

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Guest Goa Spirit

One of the classics of the new age goa... man the amount of times i heard songs

from this album in goa over the millenium parties was a good indication of the

album's status... I just Love Chicago Coin's Cinema... sooo simple but so

trippy at the same time.... these guys are amazing.,.. was a bit dissapointed

by their new release under the name Disco Slickers (that album still has some

killer tracks though). a great album on the whole.

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Guest ArchNemesis

Now i shall talk bout Intact Instinct. hehehehehehe. I Luv them. They do know

how to create this shit. They also played in Denmark this newyear (2000-2001)

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Guest shagbagboy

I think this record is a nice one and its suits some moments in life, and all

of you limited people should open your mind...and be more miscallaneous in you

choise of music...explore diffrent kinds of music in diffrent kinds of


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Guest Arthur

I would like to make a comment that Itact Instinct went ahead of everythign in

that album for the year 1999 !

Super album from the start to finish this album will be on my .list. of top 5

best albums of allll t@&^)(. RESPECT !!!!

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Guest vernon sullivan

I can't believe this came out in 1999, this album is so fat. Notice how those

"fuck this minimal sucks" guys who seem to post on every non-gms-clone album

are notably absent on this one? They were probably scared away by the multi

mutoid mosquito miasma =)

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