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V/A - Pulse 4


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V/A - Pulse 4


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Artist: Various

Title: Pulse 4

Label: Sub Terranean

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 09'57" UX : Dominion

02. 09'08" Wasabe : Peaceful Turbulence

03. 09'17 Manmademan : Delirium

04. 07'32" Der Stern Von Afrika : Lumbumbashi

05. 09'08" Evolution : Warriors Of Light

06. 07'19" Blue Planet Corporation : Intrigue

07. 05'31" Ravebase : Electeaser

08. 08'24" Nemesis : Snake Dance

09. 10'02" NDMA : The Answer (Gift)


CD 2

01. 07'20" Laughing Buddha : Earth Medicine

02. 06'23" Digital Sun : Men On The Moon

03. 08'38" OOOD : Silence

04. 07'29" Shakta : Silicon Trip

05. 08'39" MOK Systems : Witching Hour

06. 07'12" Tristan : Sensory Deception

07. 09'45" Mono Substance : Midnight Sunrise

08. 10'11" Four Carry Nuts : Weird Egg

09. 07'31" Hara Gobi : Slow Motion




This is a real fine compilation, the order of the tracks is well chosen,

and the tracks themselves are pretty good, too. CD 1 starts with a

great track taken from UX album but Master Of The Universe (I know some

of you hate it) I like still better. Next is a rather peaceful morning

track, the title says it already, from an artist I don't know anything

about. Then Manmademan with a véry good track, very psychedelic and

with masterminded melodies. Lumbumbashi by Stern von Afrika is a quite

simple and average one. Warriors Of Light is a real stormer, but it

sucks when you're not in the mood for it. The Blue Planet Corp.

delivers quite an uplifting track full of their unique positive energy,

next one is short and simple but OK, Snake Dance is very nice, I love

the singing in this one. Last one is another positive sounding standard

goa track. First half of CD2 makes the comp really worth it as it

begins with a trippy twisted tune by Laughing Buddha (aka Cosmosis),

continues with standard track by Digital Sun and peaks with an awesome

killer from O.O.O.D., this is not the original Silence, but the live

version I think, which is just like the original but contains even more

sounds and wicked melodies, that make it the best track on this comp,

it's a real bomb and also one of the fastest (155 Bpm). Then we have

some great work from Shakta and another killer from a group

which consists to 50% of Ciaran Walsh (aka Deviant Electronics),

you'll recognize his style immediately. Next is Tristan with a pretty

strange tune, followed by two must haves for fans of Tim Schuldt: Mono

Substance is Tim on his own, who delivers a phatt tune

without guitars but instead with strong melodic patterns. After that

Tim in collaboration with Gilgamesh, rough & wicked, and at the end an

average downtempo track by Hara Gobi. Conclusion: Though there are only few

mindblowing tracks, all tracks are at least good, so it's a good

addition to any goa trance collection.

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Guest Le Lotus Bleu

When i discovered in second hand this compilation, i have regreted not buying

before some others Pulse.

I particularly appreciate that there's some artits which don't appear on other

compilation or a bit less like Wasabe, Evolution, Ravebase,Nemesis, Laughing

buddha , Digital sun or OOOD for examples.I like all tracks on cd1 except

Delirium and favourites are 1,2,7,8.

On cd2 some more dark and hard stuff(from mok systems till 4 carry nuts),the

last track is a borring slow tempo.Globally there's less quality than in

cd1.Good ones are 1,2,3,7.

rating :7,5/10

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Pretty good compilation...it is very psychedleic and first disc is psychedelic

goa trance where the second one is rather harder...Pulse serie is to me one of

the best compilations, with Goa head and Tantrance but they stopped being that

good until the volumes between 8 and 10..All of them were really good towards

GOA and PSYCHEDELIC Trance until the era of progressive, minimal and agressive

goa entered...I like all tracks on both discs but the best are : CD 1 :


( ! ), THE ANSWER ....9/10 and from CD 2 : EARTH MEDICINE, SILENCE ( !!! ),


EGG...9/10 SO pretty stunning compilation..

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