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V/A - Nataraja 2

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V/A - Nataraja 2


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Artist: Various

Title: Nataraja 2

Label: POF

Date: 1997


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'00" Vaporum : The Platform

02. 08'30" Amtinaous : Biotron

03. 08'35" Joking Sphinx : La Future Orbite

04. 07'30" Flying Sticker : Lady Neutron

05. 08'34" Kangh : Sulphur Spring

06. 07'30" Blue Planet Corporation : Intrigue

07. 08'33" Synchro : Day Of The Dead Night

08. 07'45" Der Stern Von Afrika : Lumbumbashi

09. 07'25" Universal Island : Legal Data Tube


CD 2

01. 08'00" AX OM : Coda

02. 07'04" Outmosphere : The Colour Of My Dream

03. 09'36" Amanite FX : Daishonin

04. 09'35" Toï Doï : Asymptote

05. 07'21" The Infonaut : Cthugha

06. 07'07" Denshi Danshi : Feed The Mugwumps

07. 05'37" Aloa And CJ Kiff: Born to be Wiiizz

08. 07'30" Traia : Traia

09. 09'18" Imago : Aura Genova




This is a bad compilation. Most of the artists are

french (POF= Product Of France), but some artists are from elsewhere. Though

this is a compilation, the style is generally the same throughout. Most of this

is morning trance and a bit like Prana, but much softer and with worse melodies

and sounds. The in addition the tracks don't evolve enough. As most of the

tracks aren't good, the samey-aspect makes this compilation even more boring

than it would be if the tracks were different.The only good track on this

compilation is CD1, track 9, which is nice uplifting trance (not spectacular,

though). CD1 track 1 is also ok, but the rest of CD1 is very boring. Tracks 5,


and 8 are average, the rest are bad.  CD2 is a bit better than CD1, with


3 (the track nearest to Prana-style), 4 (which is nicely different in style)


9 (with nice breaks) being ok to almost good and tracks 2, 5, 6 and 8 being

listenable. Tracks 1 and 7 are really the only bad ones. The more I listen to

this comp, the more it irritates me and when I listened to this again to write

this review, I had to refrain myself from turning it off. 3,5/10

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Guest mrsyed

I disagree. This is a superb compilation. During the time it was released, POF

offered a unique collection of tracks that separated itself from most of the

other British and Israeli release. There is absolutely no crime in being

melodic and even less so being highly emotional. Track 1 on CD1, is the prime

example, for once you are bouyed into believing that it's a new age track

before the mind numbing display of synth fury embalms you. This is what I look

for in most psy trance tracks. The emotional content, a far cry from the

minimal and cold psy trance of today. Music like this are a dying breed, sure

you get the usual crap of melodic trance out, but gone are the ethereal

qualities, the emotional turmoil the angst that prevailed in the pioneering

tracks that exist in this comp. Savor this comp, enjoy it like the release

from Digital Sun, Doof, Hallucinogen, Xdream's early album, since you will no

longer enjoy the music like this in months or years to come.

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This is such strange compilation of many great goa tracks and some rather mediocre pretentious and silly psy attempts. I like this french psychedelic trance, it is highly melodic with many oriental melodies and harmonies and good spacey effects. CD 1 has stunning tracks : THE PLATFORM, LADY NEUTRON, SULPHUR SPRING, INTRIGUE ( ! ), DAY OF THE DEAD NIGHT, LUMBUMBASHI...CD 2 contains some trash but the good ones are : COLOR OF MY DREAM, DAISHONIN ( ! ), ASYMPTOTE ( ! ), CTHUGHA, TRAIA, AURA GENOVA...8/10

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