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V/A - Mashed Mellow Grooves 2

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V/A - Mashed Mellow Grooves 2


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Artist: Various

Title: Mashed Mellow Grooves 2

Label: Transient

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 04'02" Zencats : The Poem

02. 10'21" Sueno Latino : Sueno Latino

03. 08'15" Auracom : 7 Degrees of Pleasure

04. 05'23" Quaid : Fusbares

05. 03'55" Audioguys : Silken Steel

06. 06'57" Free Science Vs Cry Cisco : Afrodizziact 2000

07. 06'51" Audio Massage : Steam

08. 09'07" Quaid : Cascade

09. 08'56" Lumo : Almost Where?

10. 09'26" Darshan : Spectra




Uh...I feel so heavenly...YES HEAVENLY...this compilation has so great chilled


Transient once again prooved that they are very serious label. Ok let's start.

This is ambient compilation with many great artists. I must admit that i

haven't heard for

many of them...but they sure make great tunes...this cd takes you off with tuen

from "Zencats"

it has great speech (from Richard Burton) from the "War of The Worlds".

Follows, two chilled

tracks from "Sueno Latino" and "Auracom" (also great tunes). Then mellow d&b

from "Quaid" (9/10:)

After that we have one truli great track with great melody from "Audioguys"...I

really like this

track...Deep basses, nice melodies...heavenly horns will make you feel floating

on clouds;)))

I will jump over next few songs to describe my favorite from this CD...it's

track number nine

"Lumo : Almost Where?"...wow...so...so...uh...i can't describe...it's not weird

but it's not

ordinary neither;)))) the best ambient track i heard lately...uh those melodies

will make you

so happy...And the last track is from "Darshan"...i'm sure that most of you

have already heard

this track on FR's "re:evolution 2" (i think)...that's it...This CD is pure

gold it will have

10 out of 10 from me....BUY IT...STEAL IT...do whatever you want...but you must

have this one..;))

UH...I forgot to say if anyone know, where i can find more stuff from

"Lumo"...notice me on my

mail, 10x.

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Guest dernuk   
Guest dernuk

What, no one ever post a second review, this is one of the best chillout tunes

i've ever heard. This is a 10/10 CD.

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