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V/A - Infinite Excursions 2

Guest psytrancer

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Guest psytrancer

V/A - Infinite Excursions 2


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Artist: Various

Title: Infinite Excursions 2

Label: TIP

Date: 1997


Track listing:


01. 06'54" Excess Head : Sneaky Malone

02. 08'17" Visible Sound : Shapeshifter

03. 08'40" The Infinity Project : Another Planet

04. 09'27" GMS : The Dub That Never Was

05. 07'42" Doof : The Tower And The Star

06. 07'26" Green Nuns Of The Revolution : Skazey Haze

07. 06'43" Harmonix : Quagmire

08. 03'54" Nitin Sawhney : Streets

09. 12'51" Shpongle : Behind Closed Eyelids




This is a more than competent follow up to the brilliant first

episode of Infinite Excursions. And this time they have put some effort into

the artwork which is among the best I've seen. Like the first of this series,

this is somewhere between dancefloor psychedelia and about to crash out

ambience, however it is not quite as driven. There are still beats here, but

more head nodding than foot tapping stuff. Throughout the production is

excellent and the theme and flow of the album almost makes it feel like one

artist, not a compilation. It opens with a delicious, rich and engaging piece

which sets the scene perfectly - you only need to hear the first two minutes

of this disc to make your purchase decision. Track 2 is my favourite on this

comp, it superbly crafts a convincing alien landscape, with the assistance of

Cosmosis style 'chopping', gently nudging you towards a 360 degree psychedelic

crescendo. The Infinity Project track (3) follows the theme well and very

subtlely splits your brain into its component hemispheres and explains the

nature of organic matter to you. If you know what I mean....... ;) Growling

Mad Scientists demonstrate they have a real flair for the mellow stuff (4)

however they do not relent with the psychedlic sounds, this track contains

some AMAZING pulsing sounds that seem to push your ears into another

dimension, lots of flutes underneath keep your feet on the ground - but only

just! The Doof track is one of the weakest, it just noodles along in dub mode

with not too much imagination, not bad though, just surrounded by very good.

Track 6 is real psyreggaedub stuff! Lots of echo and space and VERY mellow,

great beach (daytime) music. (7) Harmonix is probably the 'uppest' on the

comp, and it does well, layered psy melody and crashing drums wake you up when

you were just drifting off...and so you should be woken - for Shpongle is

coming soon. But first track 8 freaks you out a little, very short by these

standards, a sort of Indian/tribal sound which, although REALLY nice just

seems to be out of step with everything else - chanting stuff and crowds in

the background, but not very psychedelic - more like a track from a regular

ambient dub comp. And so to Shpongle - yes its from their album, but there is

an extra 30 seconds here!!!! It is a complete classic of its genre, fullstop.

So, you may gather that I feel quite passionately about this comp, get it if

you can for it is a perfect counterbalance to all the full on madness we love

so much. 8.5/10

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Guest [Anonymous]

This album brings back memories of a past winter. I would hate for this album

to be overseen as just another comp. It really has taken a bit of my life

into it. Behind Closed Eyelids (the second Shpongle song ever released) drew

me to tears one morning when listening to it. It drew me to tears because it

was just so beautifully made, so flawless, so well composed. I cannot explain

it, but this album will always be a part of my life.

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Guest Dr G

A totally amazing compilation. All the tracks are simply excellent, but Doof's

"The Tower and the Star" is especially so. Highly highly recommended -

spiritual bliss-out. 10/10 ~*~

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