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V/A - Global Psychedelic Chill Out 2

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Guest robdadd[at]hotmail[dot]com

V/A - Global Psychedelic Chill Out 2


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Artist: Various

Title: Global Psychedelic Chill Out 2

Label: Spirit Zone

Date: 2001


Track listing:


CD 1

01. 07'05" Vargo : Electric Diver (Pad Megamix)

02. 07'23" Grey Area : Routine (Global Edit)

03. 06'56" Blake C : Pieces

04. 04'17" Lissa : Sunset

05. 05'56" Spacefish : Stardust

06. 05'10" UZ : No Pressure

07. 05'19" Bloatsucher : Blob

08. 07'12" Spirit Jack : Slow Burning

09. 09'40" Dienzephalon : Beyond Underground


CD 2

01. 09'25" Ooze : What's Up?

02. 10'05" Yucatan : Influence

03. 06'26" SBK : Sonderzug

04. 07'20" Necton : Rainbow Warrior (Dub Mix)

05. 07'14" Op11 : La Ville

06. 07'25" Alien Mutation : Fistfull Of Dub

07. 07'43" Etnica : Trip Tonite (Playa Rmx)

08. 05'53" Orbient : Rich




Here we go....the second comp of this series is well worth the money - it took

a few listens

to fully appreciate it but I'm glad now that I bought it. The first disc is

more of the relaxing, soothing, lying on a beach type of chill-out. It mostly

falls under the words 'ambient dub'. Quite a few of the songs sound similar

and it takes a few listens to really distinguish them - track1: this reminded

me of old Higher Intelligence Agency stuff - a lush sound with bleepy melody

that repeats throughout but not a bad track. track2: this could have appeared

on something from the Future Sounds of Jazz series - jazzy chillout with good

percussion and piano. track3: a classic dub bassline with percolating synth -

one of the better ones on disc1. track4: this one has a bit of a melancholy or

bittersweet mood to it - I didn't jot down more than that. track5: this has a

nice organ sound supporting it with a bubbly melody that appears in the

middle. track6: this is a very laid back track with a sort of 1/2 tempo

breakbeat - jazzy - doesn't change or progress much and it is nothing special

but nice all the same. track7: this is another one reminding me of HIA - has a

spacy reverb'd vocoder going on in it. track8: this has a good solid dub sound

with a name perhaps inspired by Zig-Zag rollies - steel drums enter about half

way through. track9: this has a slightly harsher edged sound with some German

(?) voices floating through. Grey Area (track2) is from Australia, Space Fish

(track5) is Linus Wessel (and another guy) of Deep and (formerly?) of Tarsis,

Bloatsucher (track7) is from Sweden, and Spirit Jack (track8) is from Japan so

it truly is an international line-up even before disc2 is reached. Like I

said, disc 1 is nice and relaxing but nothing too complex or involved- the

multi-dimensional psychedelic element enters in disc2. Ooze (track1) is Seb

Mullaert of Son Kite,and Yucatan (track2)is Yann Hennaf of Bamboo Forest; the

rest are either obviously known or, for me, some unknown (like Op11). Disc2 is

a very trippy collection of music and makes the whole comp worthwhile imo.

track1: excellent - deep&thoughtful dub - the synthesizer analog to a lot of

natural sounds like wind and rain and frogs and birds - weather, jungle, etc.

Later it breaks down to just a kind of lamenting melody and then builds back

up again - full album to be released on Spirit Zone I think. track2: very

nice, a long percussive buildup to space ships taking off over Mayan temples

in the jungle - and a female glossolalia type chant that I love enters - tells

an interesting story. track3: SBK driving rhythm with morning melody that

enters later - good track. track4: Necton - very tribal haunting chanting

voices in this one (the kind that creep you out on mushrooms) - sounds include

pitchbent flutes and the same bass chords as Mindboggler had, but of course

slowed down. track5: this one I couldn't get into much - growly dirty sounds

with radio white noise and spooky strings being plucked. track6: wicked

pulsing deepspace Dr. Who dub - one of my favourites - also uses a melody with

a few flute notes. track7: Etnica tapping into the old psychedelic vibes with

an invocation from Jim Morrison starting the track off - the melody on this

remix is done first with a flute and later with a piano - this variation adds

a nice touch - has a very nightime ambient feeling of velvet colors and

candlelight - the beat is sort of like Spanish flamenco breakbeat - I like it

a lot. track8: the comp finishes with Orbient - makes me think of Kid Loco

meets Orbital - slow hip-hop beat with big drifting synth waves and warbling

voices from commercials and an airline pilot. Fave tracks; disc1: 1,3,5,8;

disc2: 1,2,3,6,7. Check it out if you can!

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Guest Kindgok

Best track : Etnica "Triptonite" (Playa Remix) -- and this shows up on Etnica's

new album, "Nitrox." Buy that instead. This comp is a thin, weak brew, even

for chillout. -kingdok

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Guest fheierli[at]mails[dot]ch

I like Antaros Chill-Out-Compilation a lot. The new volume is also good than

Vol. 1. Soft and warm tunes with nice breakbeats, voices, flutes and piano.

Sometimes lounge-sound with a little bit jazz and dub, sometimes psychedelic

influences. My favourite Trakcs on CD1: 1,2,9. On CD2: 5,6,7 (track from the

new Etnica album, very beautiful). Rating: 10/10 (phantastic chill-out, not

this regular style à la Kruder & Dorfmeister, it's Chill-Out for goa-lovers).

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this is a great album! My fav are:


Blake C - Pieces

Spacefish - Stardust

Ooze - Whats up

Alien Mutation - Fistfull of dub

Etnica - Triptonite (playa remix)


Unfortunately i couldnt find this comp on youtube. It's a great one. 

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since i have the album i decided to upload the tracks i like most in a medley, since they couldnt be found on ytube

00:00 Ooze - Whats Up

09:25 Blake C - Pieces

16:25 SBK - Sonderzug

22:49 Spacefish - Stardust

28:46 Alien Mutation - Fistfull of Dub

36:12 Etnica - Trip Tonite (Playa Remix)



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