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Odd Harmonic - Coincidentalism


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Guest Epic Automata

I dug this one back out a few days ago, thinking that a little bit of age might

make it sound better than the first couple listens back in 2000/2001 when I

thought it was too strange for my tastes, but was trying to experiment with

new sounds. My experience with it improved slightly, but not much. Yes, at

first it sounds totally random and amateurish, but one starts to hear

subtleties that were obviously conscious and calculated. Like a lot of this

sort of music, like Pelinpala, Shaolin Wooden Men, Texas Faggot, etc. (Finnish

and Aussie stuff mainly), Odd Harmonic is at best an acquired taste, but for

the most part I think it's something you're either born to love or you won't

like it at all. There's not much here for me to put my arms or ears around for

more than a second or two at a time. My impression when listening to this CD

again after a year or two was that this is what music must sound like when an

artist successfully composes on some sort of crazy drug, a mindset in which

all these noises temporarily make sense. Nope, not my cup of tea. 5/10 :)

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Guest Phaeton

Let me start off by stating that Coincidentalism isn't quite your average

four-to-the-floor psytrance album; not that you would expect anything released

by Demon Tea to be that, but I just want to make clear that an open mind is

definitely a requirement when checking out this album. It's impossible to

review this album by describing the individual tracks because most of them are

constantly changing radically, morphing into something totally different at

least 10 times a track, so I'll just try to describe the overall feel of it.


It is a rather eclectic mix of psytrance, breakbeat and the style that some

would call IDM. It's funky, funny, experimental, exotic at times, whereas the

melodies have a nice melancholic feel to them at other times. Most of the

sounds are pretty basic bassy analog sounds and most of the samples sound

rather familiar too, but luckily the bass sounds are beefy and the samples are

sometimes played at such ridiculous frequencies that they still manage to

sound original and interesting. I have to say I totally love the odd yet funky

basslines on this cd, they're totally unlike the ones you usually get to hear

and they work surprisingly well.


While a lot of weird psy that might sound random at first will later on make

you discover a certain hidden order or logic, most tunes on this cd sound

random simply because they obviously are. This is good random music, and will

often make you laugh and grin like a maniac if you're in the right mindstate.

Its randomness is what gives it its pleasantly alienating feel and its

artistic yet fun quirky charm. It is so full of both subtle and radical

changes that if you get distracted for just a short moment while listening

you'll find yourself wondering how it magically evolved into something totally

different, so better not lose your attention! :)


The only thing I found a bit disappointing about this album is that the

weirdness is found pretty much only in the way it is sequenced and not so much

in the sounds themselves. Sure, there are some great mindbending sounds on

this album that made me wonder desperately how these guys created them, but

it's nothing quite like the crystal clear sound design skills of for example

Haltya/Pelinpala. In comparison to these Finns the production also sounds a

lot drier, I can hardly hear any delays or reverbs in here. Maybe it would

have sounded trippier (instead of just tripped out) if they would've used more

delays, but then it probably would've not sounded as crispy 'n crunchy as it

does now so I guess that's just a matter of taste.


The cover art of this CD is hilarious and it also features a multimedia part

which I think is a great idea. It features a video for 'Of', a so called

'Harmonic Generator' in which you can jam your own tune by switching Odd

Harmonic samples and loops on and off, a 'Rainforest Panorama' to explore

Australian wildlife (haven't found any yet though ;) and a 'hidden' movie you

simply have to check out yourself as I don't want to ruin the surprise for

you. :)


I think this is a great album for anyone who enjoys weird innovative music that

tries to push the boundaries of sound and sanity, but make sure you have a

listen before you buy because i feel it definitely can't be everyone's cup of

chai. 8/10

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Guest Phaeton

Hummm, the tracklist mentioned here is all messed up. Track 2 is actually

called "Knine", track 4 is called "Paramethoxyphenylethylamine" and track 7 is

called "Great God Job". I sent in a review with pic and correct tracklist for

this CD ages ago but as it's never been added I guess I'll have to add it

below myself.

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Guest blue spectral monkey

trying it again, but now i cant get my damn waffles out of my pockets and the

lights on my mixer have gone on strike. odd harmonic. yeah, they named

themselves right.

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Odd Harmonic - Coincidentalism


Artist: Odd Harmonic

Title: Coincidentalism

Label: Demon Tea

Date: 2000


Track listing:


01. 08'48" Truck Of Bones

02. 06'00" Spear Hunt

03. 05'59" Of

04. 07'17" Parathoxyphenylathylamine

05. 04'55" A Deadly Dance

06. 06'32" Subtropical Beat Retreat

07. 05'32" Great God

08. 06'04" Boomwhoppa Baby




This must be the most psychotic cd in my collection. The first couple of

times you listen to it, most of it seems random noise, and out of rhythm and

harmony. But then you listen some more and patterns emerge from the chaos,

and it becomes dark, sinister music. Most of it might be energetic but it is

not danceable, because of the complex breakbeats and al the weird little

bassy tones that fly through the songs. It's extremely hard the discribe the

music, but the best way would probably that this could be the soundtrack to

some stage/movie version of A Brave New World (A.Huxley), dark doomsday

scizophrenic future sounds, that will show you a world filled with

masshysteria, rain, dark big city's and gloomy gnomes that rip up your

speakers as they try to come out of it. It' a mixture of breakbeats, dark

trance sounds, weird little melodies and a lot of bass sounds. For anyone

that want's something frightening weird!

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this album is one of the coolest albums released. it is very quirky and

groovey. lots of things for yyour feet and mind to dance to. demon tea will

rule the world

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Guest Askeleita

yehh this is the every other harmonics only, so my pants are on fay-yaa with

thees un. i cannot describe the feelings of beauty i get when i listen to

this, as i am an ugly man and thees ees ugly moo-sic for the cows. allways the

first track onna malbum is teh hit, as it is in thees one. but u hafta listen

to it meeny times to see through the veil of hazyness, and get to pick out the

golden diamonds of pure heaven. i've spent countless hours twisting my face to

the sounds straight from hell and heaven, wondering if i someday would be

allowed to produce such beatiful black light by my spiritual counterparts.

this is love, deep and untouchable by the heads that follow herds of others.

no one is on this way except for the odd, who are the left-overs of the

left-overs. underground of the undergroung, is overground, no? i hope people

will shield their eyes from the seducing light of understanding, that is what

i try to do, and join the ranks in the dark, hidden in the pine tree forests

of finland and the palm trees of australia, once in a while surging out on a

mission from gods and goddessees to prove once and for all, finally and just

in time the ways which have always been, but are too rarely visited. there

where is dry, one hopes for water. there where is wet, one hopes for land.

there is no perfection, just deflection? why are these senses so out of tune?

why is this different than that? oh my gods, is the world being torn apart?

isn't it already? superserious structure we're talking! in here and now, it

makes no sense, but still it is, wonderful! so eloquent, i am using a book to

tell you what you already know! where is the end to these exclamation points?

in the point that asks, it seems to be seen. now i have to relieve myself in

some porcelain, hold on to your hats. aaah such a relieve for this mind

forcing this body to act in depression, to grow all this hair everywhere, and

then using primitive methods to alter the senses to a point where nothing is

comprihensable, and everything is understandable. the shivers through the

corpus tell us of things beyond the senses, we shiver and shake and actually

these are used for the hallucinations. this caffeine induced frenzy will make

the eyes black, black as the coffee which was not drunk. only is a word which

people are really confined to. everything is here, just bomb it with your

questions, try to make that hand-shake once and for all. work like you

wouldn't need the money. love like you've never been hurt. this is communism?

fakeism? i eat porridge too rarely these days. when the programs were made

porridge was an everyday ritual, why have i stopped it. now just prevails

empty. demon is my cup of tea. thank you guys i really hope i get to meet some

of you at the neighboring universes in some point of the history.


huh? shit, this is some PHAT DOPE! ODD HARMONIC I LOVE YOU!

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Guest Scozbor

thanks heaps lovely people!!!!!!

i'm glad our music is causing some reaction in some people somewhere......

the new ODD HARMONIC album is currently in the making.

also check out my solo album SCOZBOR on Devic Craft Cordings.



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