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Ocelot Japan Tour (Dec/Jan)

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December 24, 2005

A Secret Party

Location:Tokyo area


Live :

Kindzadza (Parvati Rec/Insomnia Rec/Russia)

Horror Place (Insomnia Records/Greece)

Ocelot (Dropout Productions/USA)


DJ :

Ken (phreex networx,Parvati Records/Japan)


-secret party- sorry must find details urself!

December 31, 2005

NYE party - Boom Voyage

Location: BOND, Fukuoka



oCeLoT (Dropout Productions/USA)



Spliffnik (BrainBusters/Synchronize/USA)

OM YAS (Mad Digital Freaks)

JUN (Technological Arrow)

Rockdenashi DJ team (rockdenashi.com)


EOS DJ Team (E.O.S)

plus others....

VJ - NUW (Karahana)

Deco - Rockdenashi decorationz

Sound system - Open Sound System


INFO: bom_bole(at)hotmail.com


January 6, 2006

BrainBusters Presents: Looney Tunes

Location: Moon Romantic, Aoyama, Tokyo



oCeLoT (Dropout-Productions/SF)

Savage Scream (Devil's Mind Rec/Trishula/JP)

Hajime (Psychedelic Laboratory/JP)

Spliffnik (BrainBusters/Synchronize/SF)


INFO: http://www.brainbusters.info


oCeLoT (Dropout Productions/SF,USA)


Aaron was born into a musical family. He played many instruments including

Drums, Cello, French horn, Guitar, Bass Guitar and anything else he could get his hands on. His curiosity of "how things work" led him to build many things like musical instruments, and synthesizers from kits at university...


School band and orchestra led to garage band after garage band (Punk Rock, Thrash, Metal, Rock, Ska, etc...). This led to 4 track recorders and finally to exposure to digital audio recording and editing. Meanwhile, Aaron had been exposed to electronic dance music and gravitated towards synthesized sounds and heavily processed recordings.


Aaron began composing electronic music around 1993, and released his first tracks on Journeys Music in 1996. Interest in Mind and Perception led him to Psychedelic Trance. Forest, Desert, Beach and Warehouse experiences combined with various travels shaped his ear and his musical style. He restarted releasing music in 2001 on the 3rd Ceiba Records Compilation "Language of Light". In 2002 he released his first album "Aural Sects" as oCeLoT on Ceiba Records in conjunction with Strange Attractor. Tracks on Various Compilations followed.


Today he has played in Switzerland, Germany (Full Moon Festival), Mexico City, Delhi, Bombay, Goa, Moscow, Minneapolis, Seattle, and San Francisco among other places.


He produces high-impact psychedelic trance, sometimes deviating into fresh morning goa style and creates music for your nonstop dancing and listening pleasure.


For more information or to book Ocelot, see http://www.dropout-productions.com

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