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V.A. PARSEC - Oxygen Records

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Oxygen records has been working hard with compiling to bring you the best and freshest sounds from all over.

After the great feedback for our 1st compilation - V.A. - Satellite we hope again that we were able

to put together 9 various tracks both from famous or newcoming artists that will shake your butts.

As known - we dont rely on musical boundaries in morning trance. So we again serve you an delicious morning journey of intesinvly selected tunes - simply morning trance in all variations. This time even more crispy.

V.A. - Parsec contains tracks from artists all across the word and also few exclusive collaborations such

a track from Aphid Moon vs Protoculture (1st collaboration of these artists ever!), Freakulizer with Dj Moodra or Setherian with Dj Marko.The tracklist continue with tunes from Braincell aka Rastaliens, Ninja, Spectra, Soundfield, Hydraglyph and Lucid SounD.



VA: Parsec

compiled by dj T.V.


1-Braincell aka Rastaliens - Underwater (written and produced by Ralph Knobloch) Germany

2-Aphid Moon vs Protoculture - Systematic Anomally (written and produced by Jules Hammer and Nate Raubenheimer) Great Brittain/South Africa

3-Ninja - Show Time (written and produced by Stephane Djani) France

4-Freakulizer & Dj Moodra - Freaky Mood (written and produced by Simon Schwendener & Martin Baur) Switzerland

5-Hydraglyph - Aural Sex (rmx) (written and produced by Mark Ackermann & Andrew Morgan) South Africa

6-Setherian vs Dj Marko - Angelic Debris (written and produced by dj Seth and dj Marko) Brazil

7-Soundfield - No Roots (written and produced by Andy Yakovlev & Liron Atia) Israel

8-Lucid SounD - 8.5 Light Minutes (written and produced by András Benkóczi) Hungary

9-Spectra - Split (written and produced by Paulo and Francisco Oliveira) Portugal




Compiled by: dj T.V. (tv@oxygenrecords.com)

Cover by: Mike Comandeer (www.comandeer.com)

Distributed by: Arabesque Distribution (www.arab.co.uk) Tel:+44 20 8993 5966


great artwork by mike comandeer:



more info, competition etc soon at http://www.oxygenrecords.com


tested on dancers



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