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PSI presents CONVERGENCE- 06.18.05

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The Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative is proud to

present our seventh hallucinogenic gala:




convergence: n. - 1) the process of coming together

towards a common point or meeting place. 2) a

representation of common ground between theories or

phenomenon. 3) the approach of an infinite series to a

finite limit.


Saturday, June 18th

10pm - 10am, a full 12 hours of music!


A Free Open Air Tribal Gathering For Music, Dance,

Art, Free __Expression, and Peace in the scenic Pine

Barrens of Southeastern New Jersey. A trancendental

dance experience, a pagan celebration, a one-night

CONVERGENCE of the tribes in honor of the summer



Please join us for an evening of psychedelic trance in

a beautiful open air forest setting.


Location is approximately 1 hour from Philadelphia and

2 from from NYC.





We are very pleased to welcome:


DJ LAURYN (Mistical Productions, Boston, MA)

Lauryn is best known from her energetic jaunts up and

down the East Coast, blowing up dancefloors with her

dark funky full on sounds. Yet, Lauryn has also been

exploring the gentler side of the psychedelic sound,

as she consistently evolves the already impeccable

style that has made her a Boston crowd-pleaser. Come

witness a special sunrise set as Lauryn blends the

finest beats of light and dark.


ONNOMON (Soular Records, Philadelphia)

Performing LIVE! www.onnomon.com

Philly's phavorite home grown trance producer returns

for his final performance of 2005. Onnomon produces a

deep and distinctive psychedelic tribal sound tossed

with some full-on dressing. Don't miss this last show

before Dean disappears to India for the rest of year.

For this gig, they are going to push their computers

to the limit! Let's be sure to send off this local

hero in proper style.


Eg~Bot vs. Mescalinium (Psy Planet/PSI,


Last year Eg~Bot ripped up the dancefloor at Panacea

with his signature full on mayhem. This time we are

presenting you an exclusive 3 hour tag team set with

PSI's own resident maestro Mescalinium. A twisted

journey into the darkest hours of the night. Smooth,

yet crunchy, psychedelic and immensely satisfying.

The sound of the Philly Underground.


Plus a special morning trance and chill out set by:

Ben Light-o-Matic (Light-o-Matic Productions/PSI, New



Other special guests TBA.


Sound by PSI and Light-o-Matic Productions. 5000W of

raw power.


Black Light decor and visual stimulation by the

Light-o-Matic Crew.


Original UV artwork by Psy Planet.


And of course the sacred circle of fire.


We WILL have extra space on the generator, so feel

free to bring any extra black lights, decorations,

projections, visuals, etc.


This is a free party and open to all. Extra karma

points for any donations, contributions, etc.


Although we are praying to the meteorological demigods

for nice conditions, please be prepared for inclement

weather since this event is RAIN OR SHINE. It can

also get unseasonably cold in the forest, so be sure

to bring warm clothing as well.


Water, chai, fruits, sweets, and other snacks will be

available, but we ask you to bring extra water and

food as well so there will be enough for everyone.


Due to security concerns, there will be NO FIRES



(fire dancing/poi is ok)


Other Stuff To Bring:

Tents/camping gear, ponchos/rain gear, blankets,

flashlights, drums, SHOVELS (just in case ;), good

vibes, incense, tapestries, decorations, friends

family children and pets, black lights, visuals,

herbal refreshments, trash bags, toilet paper, and

anything you feel will add to the communal experience.


The location, a forest clearing, is a gorgeous,

pristine oasis of nature in its purest form.

We must respect the land and LEAVE NO TRACE. Please

take care of all personal items/trash etc. (especially

non-biodegradable cigarette butts!).


Updates available at our website, www.psi-trance.com

If you feel you can help us in any way with this

event, do not hesitate to contact us at



You can also send us an email if you'd like to join

our mailing list.


Background info:


Since 2002, the Philadelphia Shamanista Initiative

(PSI) has put together some of the most memorable open

air psy-trance events in the new york/philly region.

Having single-handedly revitalized the outdoor party

scene 3 years ago with the infamous Acid Reflux

parties, and with 2 wildly successful events last

summer, CONVERGENCE will once again bring together the

cosmic forces that guarantee a fully trancendental





If you would like to attend and obtain directions,

please RSVP by sending an email to

sunshinegoa3@yahoo.com clearly indicating your name,

where you are coming from, and how you came to hear

about this event.


We are also very pleased to announce that Onnomon will

be performing *twice* over the course of the evening.


Dean will perform a solo set earlier in the night of

some his newer material. Later in the morning, he will

be joined by Dan Covan doing live electronic and

tribal percussion.


Once again, this will be Onnomon's final performance

of the year (!) so be sure to come out early to get

the full experience.


The artists and organizers are all very excited about

this special gathering. We hope you can come out and

be a part of it.


-the PSI team

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