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V/A Hyperspatial Chrysalis Kthcd010 Out Now!

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Ketuh exposes the finest underground young Australian artists, another twilight monster compilation by Ketuh.

Hefty Output, Pondscum and Psyboriginal are all first timers and working on albums to be released by Ketuh in the future ļ


Psychedelic and intelligent sonic candy to fuel serotonin enhancing . . .

Triptamind/Ketuh families in a Stellar collaboration.


This cd is a voyage in that Transitional period from night to morning as the cd progresses).


Ketuh Records on a Journey to Australia met the Triptamind crew where they bonded in inexplicable ways ļ.

This cd is a token of our appreciation.


Thank you Triptamind Crew!


Track list:


1 Psychoactive – Crazy cabby

w&p: Steve Barr & Scott the Monkee / Australia


2 Hefty Output – WTF? Rmx w&p: Dan w&p: Dan Verbi & Tim Hanlon / Australia


3 Sycophant - Life and Death Rmx

w&p: John Vougioukas / Australia


4 SunGirl vs Iron Madness - Buddhist Pyramidi

w&p: Yana Sungirl & Ziv Viner @ Sungirl studio / Russia


5 Pondscum - Style Stalker

w&p: Luke Danielewski / Australia


6 Paranoize– Deception

w&p: Alex Ladyzanskiy / Israel


7 PhonicRequest vs Akhoa – Call 1334 Rmx

w&p: Decaesteker Wilfried & Olivier Charpier/ France


8 Psyboriginal –Spirited way Rmx

w&p: Marc Freund / Australia


9 Killer Buds – Biogenese

w&p: Enzio, Marcelo & Tarcisio / Brasil






Enjoy as we do!

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