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Alien FM: The Future of Tomorrow!

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Debut album release from Dropout Productions:


AliEN FM: The future of tomorrow is OUT NOW!


Buy it at psyshop: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/dro/dro1cd001.html


Alien FM is the much anticipated, first release from Dropout

Productions, located in the psychedelic headquarters of San Francisco,

CA. Alien FM is a tightly woven sonic tapestry of ancient, tribal

power and futuristic sound. This psychedelic assemblage is sure to

skyrocket dancefloors all over the planet, invoking a new definition

to the term 'trance dance'.


Track Listing:


1. Intro

2. Jellyheadz Intoxication

3. The Nommos Whatever

4. oCeLoT Turn It Up

5. Yohimbe Awakening

6. Quasar Hickadelic

7. Claw Botox

8. Kindzadza Surprise

9. Yab Yum Dust Devil rmx

10. oCeLoT Flashlight


Mastered by: Lawrence Hoffman (Chromatone / Geomagnetic Studios)

Art by visionary artist, Punkadelik. http://www.punkadelik.com/






We invite you to a magical celebration in the green mountains of

Switzerland where we will dance for 3 days and 2 nights.


Cosmic Wedding will take you on a mystical journey into a psychedelic

experience lead by the world's most innovative navigators of sound:





Para Halu

Grapes of Wrath




and more...


More info coming soon…


Dropout supports the success of psychedelic trance culture by

unearthing mind expanding sights & sounds, and seeking the most

innovative doorways to novel realms of being. We promote music & art

that clear the mind of the dancer; honoring the true meaning of the

word 'psychedelic'.


'psychedelic' from greek psyche 'soul,mind,thought and spirit', &

delos, 'to make clear'.


Dropout is dedicated to encouraging psychedelic trance and art that

skyrockets dancefloors into full power overdrive, unfolding a clear

state of awareness and unity. Our mission is to amplify, strengthen

and celebrate psychedelic soundscapes and atmospheres. Our vision

embraces healing sound, ecstatic dance, tribal culture, and the

unifying of ancient traditions with new emerging technologies.


Dropout Productions




We are dropping out, to weave psychedelic trance culture throughout

planet earth.

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