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Topic: V/A "Dreams like deserts" - GOLDEN DAWN REC

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Artist : V/A

Title : "Dreams like deserts"

Format : CD (limited to 500 copies worldwide)

Label : Golden Dawn Records

Cat n° : God 001


Tracklist :


1.PARANOIZE (Israel) – Long Time no See

2.DOMINATOR (Russia) – New Generation

3.WIZARD LIZARD (Israel) – Nightmare rmx

4.BLISDRAGON DEMOGORGON (Macedonia) – Programing Concentration

5.N3XU5 (Portugal) – Cybergothic

6.PSYCHOTIC MICRO (Israel) – Imorality

7. SUNGIRL (Russia) – Inoy

8. KEMIC-AL (Malta) – Sophisticated Vampires

9.CLAW vs PARANOIZE (Cyprus-Israel) – Lochnes


File under : Night full psychedelic trance


This is the first GOLDEN DAWN RECORDS release truly dedicated to the modern underground darkpsy movement.


This release is available in 500 handnumbered copies worldiwde only


Not for Mp3/traders or CDr lovers !


If you are a real quality music collector reserve your original copy today :


It will be available online exclusively :












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