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Dancing Naked


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Hm I Got It From Net. And It Was Sayng

G.M.S. But Confidently It's Not....

So It Stays Unkown!


Acaaaa  :ph34r:



Well if you can provide a sample of it I can easily say if it's my track or not.

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I Looking For Artist Behind These GOA Track:


UNKNOWN ARTIST - Dancing Naked


Sounds Like The Good Old School Gigamorphosys.

I have this track, it's named gms - Dancing Naked. It is on unreleased compilation (no info on discogs) called "the goa experiment vol 2" circa 1993.


01-thorsten fenslau - near dark heute ist ein guter tag zum sterben.mp3

02-dance 2 trance - we came in peace (remix).mp3

03-odyssee of noises - fire dance (the sunrise).mp3

04-gms - dancing naked.mp3

05-thorsten fenslau - marsch.mp3

06-secret knowledge - sugar daddy - (ooob mix alternative).mp3

07-sfx - allah acbar.mp3

08-sequential - trip to paradise.mp3

09-phantasia - violet skies (instrumental).mp3

10-thorsten fenslau - t-raumreise (special 93 remix).mp3


There are dance 2 trance (aka Gigamorphosys) track so it seems that gms = GigaMorphoSys.


I couldn't find this track on GigaMorphoSys page on discogs.

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