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DAY TIME V/A ~~sub machine record~~


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The co founders of Sub Machine , dj NATAS and STEFAN will show us their feeling

of the morning trance with this upcoming compilation DAY-TIME , this selection of unreleased tracks from new side projects from the submachine crew and several new licensing ,he will bring to dj's and party peoples the typical rolling groove from this progressive way.


subcd007 VA "Day Time "


1 -La Baaz "Scrool"

2 -Motion "Interference"

3 -Antix&DSens "Reflect"

4 -Clutch "Fat future"

5 -Fiction "What's your name

6 -Fusi&Johnson "Stullen lude"

7 -Phony Orphants "Petanque"

8 -Side-A "Subliminal


coming soon !!!

more infos : www.submachine-rec.com

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Hi guys and girls !



This compilation coming out for December !



Here the new compilation of Sub Machine:

DAy Time !



Compiled by Natas & Stefan (Fiction), this compilation gives a rich preview of their vision of the groove and progressive morning!


A mixture of a few tracks from the various label-projects, and of course some bombshells from the masters of the progressive scene!


A true kick out for the upcoming cold season, this compilation is dedicated to the sun and the real groove lovers!



You could find it on usual partners on line.


We prepared also a new stuff for give news to progressive lovers on Sub Machine records : "the Sub Spiced News " . This will be the first from a big series !

I think you could find it on lot of shop in divers country. I give you all the point next time !


For sure, you could download our "Sub spiced news #1" on our web site : www.submachine-rec.com very soon .. we hope you like this surprise !



Now, we are looking for some relased party for promote this compilation !


Released Tour shedule start at october2004 until january 2005 :


Paris/ France , Zurich/ Swizterland, Copenhagen / Danemark, and Japan


You can contact me for bookings !


Hope you like this compilation ! :D

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