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Found 2 results

  1. I am just curious how and when other people started to hear Goa psy music... how was the way that led you all to this awesome music? How has your music taste changed over the course of your life? Is there even better and more mature music than Goa out there? Is there a next musical step upwards after Goa? Would be very nice if you would dive into your past and write down your approximate age + the music you loved at that time(Style, Bands, DJs...everything!) Youtube links woud be cool to. Maybe one track that describes the phase in your life the best! I will do it for myselfe first ( i am born 1990): START: 3-5 Years: My parents told me that i loved Russian chanson music and a guy called "Oleg Gasmanov" ...i was singing it all the day xD 6 Years: I had a magical experience with Trance music on the family birthday party of my 18 years old cousine...my parents have all the euphoric dance expressions of me on video Tape...yeah It was basically commercial stuff like Paul van dyke...But for a child pure Magic. Fantasy. Wonderland. Space. Insomnia. Madness. I remember this track very well...it sounded very "hard" to me at that time. 7-10 Years: Modern Talking, russian Synthpop, Eurodance. CDs from my parents... My favorite at that time. 10-13 Years: An Italian school Friend gave me a cassette with "Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory" from his older Sister and at this point i became a hardcore Linkin Park fan! I always liked the electronic elements in their music. After Linkin park i changed to the Emo side and my new flame was stuff like: Evanescens, Within Temptation, HIM, Nightwish and...I AM PROUD OF IT OK!!? 14-16 Years: I dont know how but i managed to download a Sven Väth Mix from the Internet. From this point on i Loved stuff like: Extrawelt, Pig&Dan, Boris Brejcha...but at the same time i was also into Progressive House and heard stuff like Deadmau5 or Glen Morrison. All in all this phase could be called Progressive Techno/House. 17-20 Years: Through Youtube i had the first Contact with Fullon and ProgPsy in 2006-07. Astrix, Astral Projection, Audiomatic, U-Recken, Vibe Tribe, Bizzare Contact, Sesto Sento and many more. Man that was a crazy time!!!!!!!!! At first i didnt even knew what goa is...until i bought Goa Head 2 on a flea market. I dont really know how old i was but Astral Projection - Kabbalah blew me away on this day. I remember the moment very well... Since GH2 i could finnaly distinguish between Goa, Psytrance and Progressive. 20-22 Years: Neurofunk, Dark Dubstep... 23-26 Years. GOA. 27-28 Years: Goa but more often the darker side of it...found Twilight Fullon for myselfe. Now: Darkpsy, Dark Ambient, Dark Wave/Synth, Ebm, Industrial, Psychedelic/Space/Doom Rock. so thats basically my musical "curriculum vitae" for now... You are welcome to write yours my friends!
  2. At The Crossroads Vol.2 (DigiStr19) Genre: Deep House, Tech House, Breaks Format: Digital Download Release date: 25th of June 2012 01 A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - Komodo Dragon ( Child Remix ) 02. Danalog - Ol’ Paapsh 03. Simon B - Snowmachine 04. Stav Beger - In The Swamp 05. Perfect Stranger - Slope ( Hedflux Remix ) 06. A. Balter - Frank ( Peter Horrevorts Remix ) 07. A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - iRich ( Andreas Henneberg Remix ) Get it: http://www.beatport.com/release/at-the-crossroads-vol-2/927761 Release note Digital Structures is proud to announce the second mini compilation of the “At The Crossroads” Series. This time we are dealing mostly with laid back tunes, more atmospheric compositions, hiding inside them a high artistic & emotional value. Opening the compilation is a new recruit of ours, Child, coming from down under unleashing a stripped down and extremely groovy take on A. Balter & Eitan Reiter’s ‘Komodo Dragon’. This track just develops forever, not a dull moment there. Second appearance of South African Danalog, is next with ‘Ol’ Paapsh’ that seems to be a song you want to sing along with after you listen to it only once… And then the breakdown takes you to another level. Simon Baring from UK is our next fresh guest on DS, with a tune aptly named ‘Snowmachine’. It’s a laid back composition based on joyful arpeggio’s backed up by warm and driving groove section. Israeli Stav Beger continues the easy going momentum with his ‘In The Swamp’ track that effortlessly takes you into an emotional & positive bubbly break, with a pinch of psy, truly a “sunbeams anthem” it is. Another guest from the UK is Hedflux, that remixes Perfect Stranger’s ‘Slope’ track in his signature Breaks style. Previously released Peter Horrevorts remix of A. Balter’s ‘Frank’ & Andreas Henneberg remix of A. Balter & Eitan Reiter’s ‘iRich’ follow to finish this installment of “At The Crossroads” Listen to it: The whole set: http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/sets/at-the-crossroads-vol-2/ A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - Komodo Dragon ( Child Remix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/a-balter-eitan-reiter-komodo Danalog - Ol’ Paapsh http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/danalog-ol-paapsh-soundcloud Simon B - Snowmachine http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/simon-baring-snowmachine Stav Beger - In The Swamp http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/stav-beger-in-the-swamp Perfect Stranger - Slope ( Hedflux Remix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/perfect-stranger-slope-hedflux A. Balter - Frank ( Peter Horrevorts Remix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/a-balter-frank-peter A. Balter & Eitan Reiter - iRich ( Andreas Henneberg Remix ) http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures/a-balter-eitan-reiter-irich Digital Structures website: http://www.digital-structures.com Digital Structures Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DigitalStructures Digital Structures Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/digital-structures Digital Structures Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/digitalstructures Digital Structures Twitter: http://twitter.com/digitalStrct .
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